Guest Room Finally Lightens Up

We had planned on swapping the cheap builder light in our guest bedroom with a equally cheap IKEA paper ball light, but after we took out the builder light we realized that the IKEA light just wouldn’t work. It was too big. And cheap-looking.

It was one week before our new roommate would move in and all we had for a ceiling light in the guest bedroom was a few ugly wires sticking out.

Our budget: $50.

Lowe’s? Some possible options, but nothing we loved that was under $50. Home Depot? NO. Vintage stores? No luck – all over $50 or ugly.

I decided to check out Craig’s List and found this retro chandelier for $30.

After some texting back and forth with the seller, we finally got our grubby hands on the light fixture outside of a grocery store. She handed us a paint spray can and recommended it to us – in this brass color that you see in the picture above. Thanks, sweet lady, but we want to maybe do something a bit funkier.

Not sure what, though. Spray it black? Teal? Orange? White? We will wait. Once we make some more progress in that room, we can reevaluate the colors in the room and make our color decision with the light fixture. We also need to add a dimmer… This is a bedroom, after all.

Decided to bad-photoshop-Andy-Warhol-style the photo to show you our paint ideas…

Our light fixture, pop art style:

Hmm… That original brass color is looking better and better…


11 Responses

  1. what a great score! I don’t mind the bronze finish at all. A light like that to me seems like it should be metal or metal-like. But a color could work…. guess it depends how the guest room works out.

  2. Love it! Very funky and unusual! I think it would look great any color, even the original brass with the right accessories and furniture!

  3. Love the lamp 🙂 I would go with the bronze finish.

  4. Ha! I had to laugh at the Andy Warhol pics 🙂 I think it’s a great looking light fixture, and a steal at that price!

  5. The bronze wins the gold prize! Yes, I agree, the bronze really doesn’t look all that bad and it looks great compared with the “funky” colors. We’ll leave it alone… for now. Glad you all like the light fixture!

  6. I bought my friend almost that exact chandelier for her bedroom at a thrift store. The globes were frosted though. I love the brass (or go for black – so dramatic)

  7. I think basic black or white would look cool…..but green could be fun too

  8. How do you get rid of the paint spilled on your clothing?

  9. […] years ago, we got this light off Craig’s List for our then-guest-bedroom-now-nursery. We pondered about the colors that we […]

  10. […] chair, orange shag rug, side table, and the ceiling light are all things we already have. The “sofa” you see in my sketch is actually a twin bed […]

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