Kings Play Chess On Fat Girls’ Stomachs.

Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species.

This is how I remembered the order of these scientific terms. Ugh, I hated biology. This silly mnemonic device was the only thing I enjoyed about Biology in high school. And I took Biology 101 and 102 in college during the summer so I would only suffer through six weeks rather than one full year of this cursed class. And now our new roommate is a Biology teacher. I’m sure he’s a much better Biology teacher than the ones I had. I am still so glad that I am done with school and never have to take Biology again, EVER!

Wait – this is a house blog, right? What a tangent.

Kings play chess on fat girls’ stomachs. Chess is a game. You can’t play a game without a flat surface to play on. A table usually works best. And our game table is finally done! Okay, we’re back on track.

Before – a cheap dining set from IKEA:


(Please forgive me for the lame attempt at styling. I watched the uber-awesome Emily on her new show, Secrets of a Stylist, and got inspired. Emily would be disappointed in me. Actually, she would just laugh at me.)

I think it looks much better in white! But sorta plain. I want to add cushions to it. And it will look so much better once we paint our game room a dark gray. And then get wood flooring installed.

I am a visual person, so I want to show you what it will look like later on. Yes, you guessed it… It’s Bad Photoshop Time!

This is the worst photoshop, EVER. Did you notice that I missed a table leg (on the right)? But you get the idea, I hope.

In case you wanted to see the fabrics in their original state, here are photos – all are from Fanny’s Fabrics in Austin. Great little fabric shop. I don’t know if we’ll go with any of them, but these are the general colors we’re going for.

Is my photoshopping skills so bad that I should just stop?


8 Responses

  1. your photoshop is not bad…did you ever gt some campaign?

  2. Nooo. I do the same thing – trying to picture my options, even though my options look horrible when they are all cut and paste-y

  3. dont worry about the skills – as you said – you’re very visual person. So, you have to create something that you can see.

    im bad at photoshop sometimes, darlin’! ^_^

  4. I love that color of fabric – blue, orange, lime and brown! I love your creative, not matter if you are doing some mistake on photoshop! Keep going and learning! oxox

  5. Hey, you got me excited thinking you would paint the top of your table in a vivid blue/orange/green checker/chessboard pattern! 😦 But yeah white’s def an improvement! 🙂 I likey the striped fabric cushions. Funny abt PS as I’m betting you’re far better at it than half of us (or more, being moderate here)! 🙂 And it def helps us undy your vision, so keep it up!

  6. Your bad photoshop cracks me up! The table looks a million times better. Everything looks better coated in white.

  7. […] 19. Painted our game table and actually finished it […]

  8. Hahaha… your photoshop skills are about on par with mine, but if it helps you visualize, then go for it! I think I like the fabric with blue flowers or the one with the orange-y swirly leafy pattern.

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