The presence of a sectional sofa is finally bestowed upon us.

Gray. Soft. Long. High arms and back. Cozy. Unique. Only $400 off Craig’s List. Perfect.

We did not expect to buy a sectional sofa off Craig’s List. We planned to buy a new one, but we just couldn’t find one that we loved. There was one at Room and Board that was a possibility, but there’s no store near us for us to sit in a model and see if we liked it. We considered the Troy sofa at Crate and Barrel, but the colors and fabrics just didn’t work completely right and we weren’t in love. We might have gone with that if we didn’t find this sectional sofa on CL, though.

I just went on CL to check for ceiling light fixtures and decided on a whim to search for “gray sectional sofa” and BOOM there was the listing! We went for it and saw it in person and loved it. The only thing about it is that the cushions might need to be re-stuffed so to make them firmer – we’ll probably do that in a while, but it’s not so bad that it’s a priority. We’re chilling on it right now and it is SO comfy.

Chill, cats. I know you are angry at how blank the walls are, but one thing at a time. Observe – this is what the living room looked like before we got you guys.

Yes. That’s my new mantra. One… Thing… At… A… Time.


11 Responses

  1. Girl, you are the Queen of Craigland.

  2. it’s all coming together!

  3. so cozy! love the look of the coffee table too. Do you have any close ups of that one?

  4. Yay! What a score!

  5. Gorgeous sofa, but… not as pretty as those two kitties. meaow!

  6. looks nice and comfy – I’m a one thing at a time gal too….I like when spaces evlove over time and not all at once that way it feels more you.

  7. Gorgeous! That is definitely my mantra – one thing at a time. Slowly but surely! It’s looking great!

  8. Glad you all like it! Our living room definitely feels more “complete” now. And I am sorry I posted that horrid before picture. Yuck.

    Annah, my cats think you are pretty, too!

  9. […] a thousand bucks. Yeah… moving on. Nick demands an overhang lamp for our sectional sofa, though, so I will be stalking Craig’s List for […]

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