Show and tell, outlet mall style

I don’t usually shop at Pottery Barn, but I love me some Pottery Barn Outlet!

Look what else we got recently! Not from Craig’s List. About time, I know. They’re from Pottery Barn Outlet… during Labor Day weekend. We went to the dangerous San Marcos Outlet Mall (because it is so magical that you can spend $300 and still feel like you saved money).

I am sorry I had to take the above picture with a flash. That is a blog rule broken, but bad lighting + bad camera + bad photographer = bad picture, so I just had to use a flash. But look how green it is! And how BIG. The next picture, taken without a flash, shows how big it is compared to a light blub.

They were marked down from $150 each to $50 each! Nick spotted them in the store, good job my husband. I’ve trained you well. They will find their final destination in our game room, on a couple of white side tables – all according to our color plan for that room.

Another great thing about Pottery Barn Outlet? They have West Elm stuff! I planned on hacking a couple of IKEA Lack tables to make them look like a West Elm side table (like THIS) but when we saw this on sale (a hundred something, down from $200), we just had to grab it.

White and Modern, next to Old Fashioned and Gray. I like. (I also love the folding detail on the arms of the sofa. Pretty.)

I envision a big silver lamp on this table. Or do you think another color lamp would work better?

The best part about this table?

It can hide away all the catalogs that we keep, instead of on the coffee table.

We’ll be stalking the store for a second side table for the other side of the sofa (say that five times fast), but if all fails, we can always get the second side table at regular price.

FYI: Other notables I saw at Pottery Barn Outlet in Austin – this lamp and this side table, for less than what they’re selling on the website. At Crate & Barrel Outlet in Austin, this sofa from CB2, but in orange, is selling for much less and I loved their pretty curtains – just not the colors for me, but if you need something in orange or blue or khaki…


9 Responses

  1. So jealous!! That San Marcos outlet mall is dangerous, every time I go I feel like I leave with a full car! We scored our zebra rug in the dining room from the PB Outlet, love that place!

  2. not sure if my last comment went through or not…..

  3. Grrr, I guess not :o) Those green lamps are HUGE – i didnt appreciate the scale until you put the lightbulb next to them. Can the green lamps go on the white side tables, or are they destined for somewhere else?

    • They’ll be for our game room (I forgot to add the link to our game room color plan – just added that to the post), but I do envision them sitting happily on another pair of white side tables!

  4. That is such a cute side table…I say go for color if you looking to add more color to your living room.

    I also like those lamps nice

  5. Wow. Great deal.

    It’s probably a good thing I live pretty far from any outlet.

  6. […] there that are priced over $100 each – I don’t feel like forking over that much. We got these fab green lamps for $50 each so I still believe we CAN find the perfect lamps for our living room for a great […]

  7. […] 5. This house is where headless lamps come to die. There’s these lamps hanging out in our room sans shades, and then there’s the green lamps you already saw. […]

  8. […] so we can add in kid-friendly stuff when the time comes. And the green will go great with the green lamps reserved for our game […]

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