Almost 2k Bench vs. DIY Bench… Who Wins?

Leafed through Rue and gazed lovingly on this spread.

More specifically, this bench.

Gorgeous. I can picture this in a entryway… perhaps ours? But look at the price. 1,899? Cheapppp! Yeah, right.

But this is totally DIY-able.

You could also add velcro strips to keep the cushions in place.

Sources: Macassar Ebony (check your local lumber yard for pricing), hairpin legs (or google “hairpin legs”), cushions, gray velvet fabric.


5 Responses

  1. So, are you going to make it or what?

  2. I would love to – only if we didn’t have 345,321 projects we need to get started on, but maybe someday! I hope someone reads this and makes this and lets me know and I can take all the credit. Maybe you?

  3. what sized hairpin legs did you buy? 14″?

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