Thrift Stores = Craig’s List without the emails, phone calls, and awkward small talk

While I’m still stuck in my garage priming my wood, I thought I’d take a break and tell you how much I love thrift stores.

I am a convert. I still love Craig’s List because I can “shop” from the comforts of my Craig’s List sofa and view hundreds of different things in a short time, but thrift stores are faster (e.g. no emails, no phone calls, no “bring your bikini, we have a pool here if you want to come earlier” talk) and cheaper. CHEAPER.

Thrift Store Purchase #1:

We recently bought a couple of vases and decor for our tv set, but realized we needed blocks or boxes to put the vases on so they’re not all the same height. We’ve been using… *ahem* DVDs.

Yes, I know that’s just sad. But THRIFT STORE to the rescue!

Spray painted black, this box will be perfect for our needs. And this cost… I don’t remember, but it was nothing.

Thrift Store Purchase #2:

I have a bad habit. I throw clothes and shoes at the foot of our bed… Please do not throw tomatoes at me. I hope this bench will help me just a little…

And only for 7.99? Try to imagine it painted and happy with a cushion on top. Yes.

Can you tell I’ve found another addiction? And know what? I don’t have to drag Nick to thrift stores with me anymore. He’s addicted too. Thrift stores have cheap books!! He’s been buying books like crazy. I mean, like 10 books in three stores. Can you stop until we finish our book shelves, Nick? But I shouldn’t complain… anything that allows me to go to thrift stores as often as I want to is a good thing. This leads us to…

Thrift Store Purchase #3:

We love to cook. We love to be healthy. We LOVE Cooking Light annual cookbooks. They are awesome and all of their recipes are great. Nick has been giving me these big cookbooks for the past two Christmases. So, when he saw the 2005 cookbook at Goodwill, he jumped on that. We’ve been using it for the past two weeks…

And you see things in thrift stores you never thought you’d need or want.

We were fascinated by this. But it’s $25, a tad pricey for a thrift store. And we’re not sure if it would even work in our house. But it’s kind of cool. If the price goes down and the thingy is still there, we might consider it…

AND I’ve bought some classroom materials at thrift stores. Who would’ve thought? Not me.

AND the Goodwill near our workplace has silent auctions every week, ending on saturdays! This is not going to end well.


10 Responses

  1. I love thrift stores too 🙂 on holidays our Goodwill has 50% days! I hope yours does too..

    I also love love buying books from there! Half of bookcases are filled with books I found via thrift stores, and most look brand new

    I like that tin milk jug ? its looks cool….

  2. hi…on the console. I googled for images because i didnt want to photoshop my own. sorry…not sure.

  3. the mustard-colored eagle can thing would be PERFECT for my bedroom! My sheets are in the same color, which thrift store did you see that in?

    • Oooh, go and grab it then! It’s at Thrift Land, on Stassney and 1st. It’s really close to the Lowe’s in east austin on ih35.

      but if you get it, you have to send me a pic of it in action!

  4. That “thingy” is an old milk can. I can’t believe it. My Mom got one from a dairy farm and painted it. Of course, this was way back in the late 70’s. She even découpaged it with the same type of eagle. I’ll take a photo and send it to you… unbelievable!

  5. I love thrift stores, too. Not just the prices but also the randomness. You just never know what you’lll see.

  6. can’t wait to see the bench done up right. Bet it will look great. What fabric are you thinking about?

    • Ah, good question. I’m trying my best to hold off on answering that question until a few more projects are completed around here.. but that is going to be a fun decision to make!

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