Orange Love from Philadelphia

We went to Philadelphia last weekend for Nick’s grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary. It was a great weekend, other than me and Nick being sick for most of the weekend – him with food poisoning (or stomach virus?) and me with the worst cold in the history of mankind.

I love spending time with family. Family is the best thing there is.

What is almost as awesome as family? $5 scores from garage sales!

There was a garage sale right across the street from Nick’s parents’ house. I peeked through the curtain all morning, looking at their goodies, especially their cute bar stools. But I do not need bar stools.

Later, during my 72th peek, I saw this table.

We sauntered over. Price, ladies? $5. Hmm… $5… Let me look at it one more time… No, no need for a second look. Sold.

It is still sitting pretty in Philadelphia (actually, Bristol) in the in-laws’ garage but it will be mailed over ASAP and I can’t wait to pet it and love it. It needs some repair, but it really does look cool in its worn-out state. And it is orange. I’m not sure if we’ll fix it and repaint or leave it as it is, but there’s no hurry to fix it up.

Thank you, City of Brotherly Love.


6 Responses

  1. Smashing! I absolutely LOVE it!

  2. nice score!! Did you do anything else while in Philly? You are reminding me I need to hit up flea markets more often.

    • No, unfortunately.. We wanted to go to that antique/thrift store you mentioned, but we were sick for most of the weekend. We’ll be coming back in the summer and we’ll def do more then…

  3. Love the “moroccan” look 🙂 Maybe it needs a little buff and polish here and there, but I like it as it is.

  4. […] we found the orange table. Then I got advice from dad-in-law Tony about the closet bookshelves and learned that the saying […]

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