Serious Dilemma: The Windows

Seriously, now. Come on, now. Enough.

I’ve been hemming and hawing over them stupid windows in the living room and the dining room. Am I going to let four windows break me?

We’re still living with ridiculous white plastic blinds, now all destroyed by our then-kittens, and STILL slummin’ it with a cardboard cover on one window.

We found fabrics we liked for our planned DIY window shades, but we were paralyzed because our DIY window shade wasn’t holding up very well. We weren’t going to purchase expensive fabric for a bunch of droopy window shades. Then I found this great tutorial (can’t find it now) about how to glue fabric to a white roman shade, but it is a big risk. Fabric is expensive and I don’t know how long this would last.

We then thought, maybe, let’s do the bamboo blind and white curtain combo? Very popular in blogland and a classic look.

Did the math and it came to around 388 dollars for plain blinds and white curtains. Hmm.

Played around with a photo from Overstock – added the gray walls, removed the white trim from the windows.

I could use patterned curtains, like these curtains I really like from West Elm:

I dunno about this look. Remember, I’ve been thinking about this for MONTHS so my judgment is seriously flawed. Tell me what you think. I just am not sure if it would work in our home.

Then I saw this picture at MFAMB:

This elicited a LOVE!! reaction from me that bamboo blinds and white curtains just never did.

And Nick says NO MORE DIY PROJECTS BECAUSE YOU NEVER COMPLETE ANYTHING. I told him, it’s going to be expensive to not DIY it. He said FINEEEEEEE.

I am going to remember this trick.

So, I am currently researching our options. I think we want patterned flat roman shades – something geometric or Moroccan, something like in the picture above – in white and gray.

It’s been hard finding sources. Why?

So far, the best thing I’ve found is this:

From the Shade Store.

Calico Counters also does custom roman shades, but I haven’t seen any fabrics there that I love for this purpose. I emailed a few fabric stores asking for price quotes. Do you know of any other custom roman shade sources?

I just can’t stand looking at destroyed versions of this any longer. It’s serious. If you do a google image search of “destroyed plastic blinds” the first picture you get is OUR WINDOW BLINDS! Evidence below.

Oh my gosh. That fourth picture looks familiar, too…


12 Responses

  1. Tell me about it- my white blinds are destroyed, too.. *glares at the cats who look innocent* At least it’s a rental, but still, the deposit..
    Anyways *moving on* Wanna say the roman shades definitely look fab and are perfect for your livingroom! Sorry don’t know where you can get them, but definitely worth the investment. Wonder what’s the material though? Not easy to “grip with claws” – giving the cats a cautious look.

    • It’s cotton. But my cats are much calmer now and don’t destroy the blinds anymore… so I am HOPING they will leave the blinds alone. They don’t really bother the shade I made.

  2. love those shades. you can tell your husband my kitchen window has been undressed for 8 years. talk about never finsihing anything!

  3. I love the idea of roman shades. I think Tonic Living will make them, (but I have no idea about how much they charge) they also have great fabrics.

  4. World Market has these, which aren’t exactly the same but maybe close enough? (On sale, too.)

    A curtain panel can be converted to a roman shade. You just need the plastic rings, string and strip of wood along the bottom of each shade.

    • After our homemade shade didn’t work out so hot, I don’t think.. no, I know that Nick won’t be open to another DIY window treatment. Oh well…

  5. lol, i absolutely loved this blog- that fourth picture looking familiar just sent me over the edge, laughing-wise!!

  6. […] seen during our search (and we’ve been searching forever… see this, this, and this! It’s been almost an year… […]

  7. tell allison i said congratulations on her wedding!

    met her when i was doing my internship in thailand in 2005. :O)

  8. I LOVE the bamboo with white curtains…its timeless!!!!

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