Looking at Shade Samples and Pictures (while locked out of my house)

Decided to leave work a bit earlier than usual today (I usually work late on Fridays to finish up projects) because I was so tired from a long meeting, but ended up getting locked out of our house because Nick took my key because our roo… whatever, it’s a boring story. The point is, I am locked out.

I am still happy because I live in Austin and the weather is perfect right now and I have my sweet laptop and webcam with me. This is exactly what I wanted to do anyway – blog, read blogs, chill. Only I get to do it outside. No complains! (And I get to procrasinate on my workout for today – bonus)

I got the fabric sample from The Shade Store in the mail today!

The colors are not accurate due to the webcam – it is light gray, not blue. But I think I really like it. I have to put it up on the wall to see if the colors work, but I like it right now. It’s a fabric from DwellStudio, in the pattern Maze Work, and the color is Dove.

I also got this:

I would scan some pages and show them to you, but I am locked out. Oh, and I don’t have a scanner. So, I’m sharing some pages middle-class-ghetto-style. Via webcam.

There’s a lot of different styles in the catalog and several styles were new to me.

This is really pretty – they’re called cascade roman shades. This is perfect for windows that have no trim, like ours. The color is nice, too – smoky purple, with a lighter purple/gray border.

The Shade Store also sells vertical blinds, which, I mean, what, who still buys them? But strangely enough, they look almost futuristic in this photo:

I guess they only work in rooms with pools. Whatever.

Something else that was new to me – decorative pulls!

Aren’t these so pretty? They start at $5 each.

Then I got to the fabric section. I really love this fabric, but it’s only for roller shades or panel systems or vertical blinds (???) –

In gray, of course.


I also like this fabric:

It’s also a DwellStudio fabric, called Gate. The color I like is Brindle. But the cost… is… stupid. Remember, I am middle-class-ghetto.

I am also checking out Tonic Living (thanks, Kate!). They do custom roman shades, too, at better prices. I did see two or three fabrics that I might like, maybe not as much as the DwellStudio Maze Work fabric I have now, but I think I will ask for samples and then make our final decision from there. Hopefully!

See you later. I’ll be here, at our front porch, waiting… waiting… and waiting.


10 Responses

  1. Hope you’re inside by now!

  2. haha too funny!! I don’t even know how to use my web cam, so I guess I’m more ghetto than you.

  3. hope you are in by now. way to make good use of your time!

  4. lol.. you look good as usual!

  5. you poor thing, you are hilarious! great opportunity to blog!

  6. You are pretty! I love the locked-out post. I could never do that because my work computer has zero battery life. Wah wah.

    We also keep a spare key in the garage, it’s saved us many times! (we have a key pad on the garage even though there is no entrance to the house from the garage)

  7. oh my goodness, thus a very original reason to blog. Seems we’re in the same boat, trying to decide on shades. It’s hard to decide on what window treatment to pick when i haven’t decided the colors & theme of a room.
    I also love the color of envious green. My bathroom has cheapo & ancient hunter green/white flooring. Bleh. Total master bath makeover is sometime in my future.
    Ya looking good. Ya have VP at home??

  8. Oooh, the shades look so fun!! P.S. The weather in Dallas is still awesome, too, I’m loving it!! Granted, I’m not locked out . . . 🙂

  9. […] Remember when I was locked out and I didn’t mind because I had gotten my fabric sample and I w… […]

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