October: Productive and Unproductive

There’s still one more week left in October and it’s already feeling like the longest month of 2010.

We packed up and flew to Philadelphia…

…where we found the orange table. Then I got advice from dad-in-law Tony about the closet bookshelves and learned that the saying “Measure twice, cut once” is wrong. It should be “Measure twice, ask dad-in-law for advice, THEN cut once.”

He invited me to look under his DIY shelves in his linen closet…

…and I decided to slash and burn change our closet bookshelves plan.

We arrived back home to this…

…and I developed a new plan for the bookshelves and marked my measurements in chalk…

…and stared and stared and stared some more at the existing closet shelf…

…thinking, “Should we rip that out? Would that cause damage? But if we leave it there, would it stick out like a sore thumb due to its weird supports that were designed to hold clothing rods? But what if we sell the house? Would it be better to leave it in so the next owner can use it as a closet? But should we suffer with this weird thing for as long as we live in this house, which might be ten years or more? But but but…”

Then our trash can popped its lid and we finally replaced it with a fancy trash can.

And then we were off on another plane, this time to Florida for my step-sister-slash-cousin (yep) Allison’s wedding! While on the plane, I read my favorite stupid magazine, SkyMall, and planned to snap photos of funny and dumb products for sale…

…but then Nick stopped me and told me that I was the dumb one. So I stopped. And we arrived just in time to grab a Five Guys burger and hightail it to the wedding to see Allison being beautiful…

…then arrived back home two days ago and got back to our closet project.

Yep, I tore it all down. It felt great. With some sanding and paint, we’ll be back on track with this project!

With no more out-of-state trips coming up anytime soon (we’ll be hosting Thanksgiving this year!), I hope to seriously check off some things off our list before 2011 comes and attacks us all.

P.S. Santa, I want a new camera for Christmas.


3 Responses

  1. I was really hoping for some SkyMall commentary.

  2. […] wasn’t the first time – when we bought our spiffy trash can, I looked at the price in the store and knew it was cheaper online. I found it online on my phone […]

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