Caulk is Evil

Caulk, ugh. I learned how horrible it is to remove caulk over the past week during the process of ripping out the closet shelf.

So, how do you remove caulk?

Two possible tools you could use:

I tried both. The winner?

Oops, wrong blade.

Seriously, don’t waste your money on the plastic caulk remover. I don’t even know how it would ever work! It might work better with tiles.. but not with areas that have caulk against drywall. It just did NOTHING except to give me heartburn.


2 Responses

  1. Old caulk is evil, and applying new caulk is also evil. Ah, but it’s love-hate. It can work wonders. Dang it.

  2. Ooo caulk. sounds like a big pile of un-fun. Good luck and may you swiftly move on to more rewarding projects!

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