Window Shades Finally Purchased. (We are now poor… but happy!)

Remember when I was locked out and I didn’t mind because I had gotten my fabric sample and I was excited about it and I thought that the fabric would be a good choice for our roman shades in our living/dining rooms?

Yeah, that fabric sample didn’t work out. The light gray color of the fabric blended too much with the light gray on our walls.

So we ordered some more fabric samples – one more from The Shade Store and five from Tonic Living.

This picture was taken at night, so the colors aren’t exact, but you get the general idea. Which fabric would you have chosen?

I liked all the fabrics, but most of them wouldn’t work for our roman shades – but maybe for pillows or even an ottoman. Maybe, maybe.

Our winner: This fabric.

It’s more expensive than the first fabric that I considered for our roman shades… but I think it is SO worth it! It is better than ANY other fabric we’ve seen during our search (and we’ve been searching forever… see this, this, and this! It’s been almost an year… Geesh).

It works well in our dining room, too!

The dark gray color is almost an exact match to our dark gray walls, and the white outlines play off our white mirror well. It is PERFECT.

We put in our order on Halloween (is that good or bad luck?) and hope to get them very soooooon. I am verrrry excited to put them in and see how they look! They are definitely a SPLURGE for us, but they will make us happy for the rest of our time living in this house. There was a roman shade sale at The Shade Store, which helped, along with free shipping.

Dilemma solved. Obsession ended. What’s next?


7 Responses

  1. Wow the teensy sample already looks GREAT on the wall! It makes both colors just pop out! Am eagerly anticipating the guaranteed photo of them put up! Curious what type of fabric are they?

  2. Yummy! You are going to LOVE it!

  3. I just found your blog yesterday. I love the fabric. I can’t wait to see it all done.

  4. Maybe our opinion is biased but we think you made the right choice! 😉 Thank you and enjoy.

  5. You picked the exact fabric I would have!! The roman shades are going to look amazing!! I just bought that fabric for a pillow for our bedroom!! 🙂

  6. Yay! And isn’t it fun sometimes just to BUY something instead of fixing and DIYing.

  7. […] new shades are installed and looking mighty fine! Please ignore all the clutter in the rooms in the below […]

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