Operation Deaf Orphans

Meet my brother, Alex, and his wife, Alexa. Yes, their names are the same. No, that doesn’t mean they are narcissistic. Far from it.

I’ve always been proud of my little brother, but I’m even more prouder of him these days. He and Alexa are embarking on a new mission that will change lives. They have recently taken their first steps towards their long-time dream. How many people can say these things… and at only 24 years old?

Alex and Alexa’s mission is to help the abandoned, the forgotten, the ignored – the deaf orphans of Eastern Europe. From their website:

“We have been extremely blessed with our lives in North America (Alexa is from Canada), as we have grown up in a land full of food, love, and good education. In light of this, we can’t help but to notice that not everyone in this world shares the same blessings. Many deaf people in developing countries suffer from lack of education, employment, and language. The poorest of the poor would probably be abandoned or orphaned deaf children, as they have absolutely no future – they are unwanted, they cannot hear or use their voice, and they have no education. We really cannot imagine a more grim situation for anyone, and this is what drives our passion.”

They will fly to Eastern Europe this January and stay there for a year. They plan to spend that year researching the situation there and collecting information and making a documentary – which they will then use to gain more support for their long-term plans to help the deaf orphans there. They will also learn the culture and language there. They have a great website all about their mission – please do check it out at www.odeafo.com.

Also – they started a new blog so you can read all about their adventures traveling all over America fund-raising for their trip. Follow them at odeafo.blogspot.com!

If you’re interested in helping (they aim to fund-raise $15,000 to fund their one year stay in Eastern Europe), you can donate here. I’ve also added an icon on the sidebar so you can click on it anytime to donate. Or just read their blog and send them good thoughts and prayers – that would help so much, too!


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  1. I hope all goes well for them.

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