Sexy Ceilings

Last week, our dining room looked like this:


We crammed our living room furniture into our kitchen and dining room in order to paint the ceiling. FINALLY. We waited and waited for a sale to happen at Sherwin Williams and finally grabbed a few gallons last Monday and got to work.

Look at that boob light! Also sexy.

The ceiling is now gray – the same gray as the walls (SW Screen Gray). It isn’t exciting, but it looks SO much better than the ugly builder-white that was there before.

Well, I know that this update was thrilling. I guess it’s some kind of odd compulsion of mine to prove to you that we are BEING PRODUCTIVE. And that YOU SHOULD PAINT YOUR CEILINGS.

You could paint your ceilings in a more interesting way, like these three rooms:

{via Three Men and a Lady}

Stencil your ceiling. When I showed this to Nick, he almost had a heart attack just thinking about it but perhaps your better half would be more up to the task!

{via Christina Murphy Interiors via 6th Street Design School}

If you have architectural interest on your ceilings, PLAY them up with paint, please! Do it for me. We so wanted a raised ceiling in our bedroom after seeing it in a model house, but the floor plan we chose didn’t have this option for the bedroom. While you’re at it, paint crazy black stripes on two IKEA white chairs to flank your console table. Now that’s sexy.

{via Lonny}

This photo took in what I just said about playing up architectural interest on ceilings, laughed at me, and threw itself into my face. True, photo. If you don’t have architectural interest, fake it. I love this ceiling. I just stared away in space thinking about which room to do this in and Nick looked at me with suspicion. Be afraid, Nick. Be very afraid.

Well, that’s that. Our next ceiling project will be the office and the office closet. The same plain ol’ gray. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 Responses

  1. Painting ceilings is the worst. I think that is the only reason that I will never do something fancy. Stiff neck, glasses splattered with paint, ugh! HATE!

  2. Don’t forget eye contacts splattered with paint! Eeek!!

    I still maintain the results are worth it, though!

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