Mirrors, mirrors on the wall.

We recently had a good mirror weekend.

But first, let me rewind to a month ago. I was all set on buying this mirror that I blathered on about in this post:

I went to Lowe’s with the cash burning in my pocket, found the mirror, and then proceeded to stand there staring at the mirror for a full 15 minutes. The mirror stared back at me, looking fat and stout. It needed to go on a diet. It had a pretty face, but it just wouldn’t work in my bathroom.

And I had just came from a thrift store, so I was thinking that the $69+ price tag was a bit high. I thought we COULD find a great mirror for a better price.

Ever since, I’ve been trolling Craig’s List and thrift stores with no luck… until now!

On Saturday, we went to HOMEGOODS (Yes, yes, they finally have one in Austin!) and Nick fell in love. So, we bought this mirror for $30.

It’s simple but the size is perfect and I really like the white outlines on the black mirror. It will go nicely with the stripes, whether we go with horizontal or vertical stripes. (no we have not decided yet) And it’s huge. And it was $30, did I tell you that?

The next day, we were exhausted from our shopping the previous day at Homegoods and other stores. We were on our way to Costco to do some food shopping when we spied the “liquidation sale” sign on a Stein Mart that we never visit.

Liquidation sale? Let’s check it out.

Ka-pow! This mirror, down from $200 to $70. We’ll take it!!

This mirror would work in ANY room in our house, it is really that versatile! We considered it for our dining room, our entryway, our upstairs bathroom (wouldn’t fit), above our bed, and our game room.

But our living room is pretty bare, so it will hang happily between our two windows above our sectional sofa! If we find something to replace it (original art, please?), it’ll definitely easily find another place in our home.

I am also eyeing this great mirror on Craig’s List:

Which reminds me of the mirror in this room:

{via Molly Loot}

I am so tempted! But I think we’ve met our mirror quota for the month.


9 Responses

  1. All great finds! Gotta love Home Goods.

  2. Love the Stein Mart mirror, greaty buys!

  3. Great deal on the Stein Mart.

  4. holy mirror. what a deal!!! find that a home, immediately!!!

  5. Mirror quota? Nah! Keep going, you have great taste!

  6. Holy shit, that Stein Mart mirror is amazeballs!

  7. I love it when we get great deals!! You got a great find! Hopefully you’ll get that mirror up soon because we found a great mirror last year and it still hasn’t been hung yet. :-X Now I’m thinking about taking the mirror out and just use it as a frame and spray paint it.

    By the way, I got your email! Sorry I have been meaning to email you back and I’ll look into blogging about your brother’s operation to get the word out there. 🙂

  8. […] decided on dark gray with light gray striped walls with a yellow mirror, but since we got that black mirror from HomeGoods, we’re thinking yellow stripes would be […]

  9. […] and we’ll add some simple metal handles, probably these ones from IKEA. We already have this mirror waiting for its debut, so we’ll be hanging that up as soon as the walls are […]

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