Life and Death Decisions: Stripes in 1st Floor Bathroom

Our plans for this house always change at least four times before being put in action.

Case in point: our first floor bathroom. We originally decided on dark gray with light gray striped walls with a yellow mirror, but since we got that black mirror from HomeGoods, we’re thinking yellow stripes would be better.

If only it was that simple. We have two Life and Death Questions that we need answers for.

First Life and Death Question: Should we go with yellow with light gray, or yellow with white?

Nick thought gray would be better because he hates white paint. I know! Who hates white paint? I think he’s just traumatized by the builder blah white paint that were on all the walls when we moved in here.

All it took for him to see the (yellow) light was this visual:

One quick glance and Nick is suddenly a lover of white. Perf. Just gotta find the right white paint. That won’t be very fun.

Second Life or Death Question: Horizontal or vertical stripes?

Yes, I have asked this question already. No, I do not yet have an answer.

These photos are confusing me:

[via The Inspired Room via jones design company]

[via Sara Gilbane Interiors via Second Street East]

[via Hi Sugarplum!] (this has the exact same layout as our bathroom)

[via 6th Street School]

I don’t know how we will decide!

Perhaps we should look to the leader of the free world’s Oval Office for guidance…

[via bryn alexandra]

Hmm. I wonder what this means. Vertical stripes = powerful and visionary? Or.. Vertical stripes = stodgy and traditional?

Ah, I have to go. I think I just ruined another paint brush by leaving it out too long. Brain, why have you forsaken me?


14 Responses

  1. Ah, I think it would depends on the size of your bathroom. I would have it in horizontal to make it look bigger and elegant? It is just my opinion, whether you decide, it is gonna be gorgeous!

    • That’s what’s keeping me from going all vertical.. the fact that horizontal stripes might help the room look bigger. Not sure if it would work, though, since that bathroom is so tiny…

  2. I’m leaning toward vertical just because the stripe is already pretty out there with the color.

  3. The question is: which stripes makes the room seem bigger??? Like with clothes, which makes us look slimmer? then pick the opposite! That’s your answer.

  4. I thought about it some more. Depending on the size of the bathroom: think of the size of stripes, 1-2 walls rather than 4? I know you’ll make the right decision, Elisa.

    • Thanks for thinking about it for me! It’s kind of small and there’s no natural light in there.There’s really only two walls in there – the third wall is all the shower and that’ll be covered up.. and the fourth wall is taken over by the door…

  5. Cute collection of stripes!! thanks for including mine!

  6. Vertical stripes. Make them wide though, I don’t like the narrow stripes because they get too busy.

    good luck!

  7. stripes are quite popular now! great photos! xoxo

  8. I think I like the wider, horizontal stripes! Funny, because I also have plans to paint our hall bathroom soon. I’m not sure I could do stripes though because we have textured walls and I don’t think my lines would be very crisp.

    Anyway, you’ve found some good inspiration photos! Love that bathroom from Hi Sugarplum.

  9. […] December 29, 2010 I grabbed a paint brush to test out the paint stripes in our bathroom. To decide once and for all whether we would go with horizontal or vertical stripes. […]

  10. Love the yellow stripes in bathroom how wide are the stripes & what is the super color you used

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