Amy Hogan Photography: Art for your walls!

A while back, I talked about DIY artwork ideas. I posted an awesome photo that I took of a frog:

That didn’t work out very well. But sweet Amy Hogan offered me one of her frog photos from her photo collection. I fell in love with this colorful photo instead:

This will go perfectly in our purple-gray-lime green bedroom! I’m planning on a gallery art wall in there (frames are already spray-painted and ready to go and waiting for their turn on the to-do list) and this will be a beautiful addition. Thanks, Amy!

But there’s good news for you, too! Amy has just set up a photography website,! You can buy prints from her website, including the bug photo above. There’s lots of photos of animals, bugs, scenery, flowers, and more to browse through!

Some of my favorites from her website:

This would be great for a little boys’ room or a man cave. Or a bathroom, to help things move along?

Ah, so peaceful and serene. Reminds me of the years I lived in Florida. Can you believe I lived only a short walk away from the beach for five years?

Love this! I can stare at it forever and just wonder what’s around the next bend… This would look gorgeous blown up really, really big.

I have a soft spot in my heart for Washington D.C. I grew up there and came back for my college years at Gallaudet University. This photo captures the monument really well…

The detail on this! Above a bed, perhaps?

So fun and so colorful! I picture this in a bar or a kitchen setting. A outdoor bar, even better. Now I’m thirsty.

Be sure to hop over and check out Christmas shopping, anyone? (FYI, the boat and the forest photo are Man Approved. Nick loves ’em both.)


5 Responses

  1. Thanks for the link, I will check it out. I do need some art and photography is always a wise choice in my opinion!

  2. Tried to click on the link but the link led me to nowhere. 😦

  3. I love the photo you picked out. I’m psyched to see your gallery art wall! I have no confidence in my ability to put one together so I live vicariously through others! Great find!

  4. Love your bug. And the tip. Will check it out.

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