Christmas This and That

I am aaaaaaaaliveeeee! It was our first Thanksgiving that we hosted and we just about died from all the preparations and cooking and hosting and air bed frustrations and rapping. Yeah, rapping. My brother made this hilarious Thanksgiving Rap video. And, no, I will not be showing that on this blog.

But we’re alive and well and ready to tackle Christmas. It’ll be a low key event – just the two of us. I am SO looking forward to these two weeks off from work!!

Last weekend, we finally got around to setting up our tree! (By the way, last Saturday was around 70s. Booyah… Move to Austin if you’re jealous.)

Nick is a ornament ninja. He stalks from side to side, holding his weapon ornament, looking for the perfect spot to strike. It’s nice, because then I can focus on torturing our cats with our camera and drinking homemade eggnog.

But then Nick, way too focused on the tree, trips over my precious eggnog and spills it all over our ugly carpet. Ah, who cares. With every spill and cat-damage this carpet endures, I smile because gorgeous wood flooring is going to happen sooooon.

Homemade eggnog! You MUST try this eggnog!!! I went to a Puerto Rican themed recipe party and a smart lady made this eggnog and I fell over and died and then drank some more. Nick loves his eggnog and raised a skeptical eyebrow at my ranting that P.R. eggnog is so much better until he tasted it. Now he physically forces me to make him some when he wants it. Here is the recipe. You are welcome!

I love this glass. Nick’s grandmother gave us a couple of these glasses and a great gold/glass pitcher and five little cute wine glasses. All vintage. I have dubbed the gold pitcher and glasses our eggnog equipment.

From all this eggnog talk you just know I’m going to gain 32 points this holiday season. I’ve gained ten pounds already just talking about it.

OK – our tree! I love that it looks like a cute little girl, with a bow on top!

Traditional colors, red, gold, silver. It’s just sweet and it cheers us up every day when we get home from work. We’re still building up our ornament collection and got these snowflake ones from Target recently.

December, Oh December, I love you. I have one and half weeks of work left and then I will spend the rest of it drinking eggnog and working on the house (more specifically, the office bookshelves). Merry, merry, merry!


5 Responses

  1. Beauitful Christmas Tree! Is the tree real or fake? oxox

  2. I’m NOT jealous of the weather because we have the same weather but I AM jealous that you get 2 weeks off!!

  3. Wonderful tree, I hate eggnog. Sorry! I drink the other fattening holiday drink, Baileys.

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