Why didn’t I get my mom’s genes?

Here is my mommies. With her husband, Jose.

Doesn’t the Pictionary Man have the cutest butt?

Through the miracle of birth and genes, I got my gorgeous mom’s smile, tiny forehead, and freckles. Unfortunately, I didn’t get her height (she’s almost 5’8, I’m barely 5’4), her red curly hair, and her productive energy.

See what she did to her house she recently bought…




But she wasn’t done. She also painted the front door:

Before she began painting, I begged her to PLEASE PAINT IT GRAY. And then she said she might do it! So I played with photoshop and got this:

BLAHHH. She and Jose went ahead with their original choice of yellow and I love her current yellow house so much more. I guess sometimes gray isn’t the best color! Who knew?

Love you mom, miss you, wish you lived a bit closer!


4 Responses

  1. Wow, your mom looks really young!! I agree with you — the yellow turned out prettier than the gray. Has she done a lot with the inside yet?

  2. I think the yellow is great… I love their front door with all the glass! Looks like a lovely home. I wish my Mom lived closer too!!!

  3. Awww. My mom has endless energy, too. Sometimes she complains about now being able to work all day like she used to. She’s 69. She works longer and harder than me.

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