Marble (or at least, marble-ish) Lamps.

The latest Lonny showcased many good things, including this great marble lamp that you can buy from Furbish.

As I gazed lovingly on this lamp, I realized that it looked a bit familar…

Ah yes – we recently purchased two of these lamps from HomeGoods:

Kind of? Like a cross between marble and peacock?

I really, really like them by themselves, but they are just meh in our living room. They don’t stand out – the mirror and the window shades steal all the attention. Plus, it kind of annoys me that the shade isn’t as white as the side table.

I think we will return them… don’t you hate it when you really love something but it’s just not right for your space? Good thing HomeGoods has a 30-day return policy. I just gotta remember to return them before time’s up!

I’m looking for something striking AND colorful, maybe something like this:

Or this, but less expensive:

I don’t know. I feel like it’s hard to buy lamps. Especially colorful ones. So many beautiful ones out there that are priced over $100 each – I don’t feel like forking over that much. We got these fab green lamps for $50 each so I still believe we CAN find the perfect lamps for our living room for a great price. Am I dreaming?


8 Responses

  1. I feel you on this especially when finding out it’s not right for the space. I’ve come to the point a few times where I just wanted to force it in the space just because I can’t return it or let go of it. 🙂

  2. Hmmm, you could always just replace the shade. Those CB lamps are cute. I’m planning to use them in one of my client’s very stylish basement!

    There’s always spray paint too…

  3. Ugh I feel like this happens to m e all the time. It’s painful! But with Homegoods you will always find more great lamps!

  4. I feel you!! have you tried this website? I’ve seen some colorful ones there.. hope you’ll find better one that you love and that fits in your living room! 🙂

  5. Just buy old lamps and spray them the color you want!

  6. […] know we need lamps for our living room and we really liked this lamp – it comes in different colors. We saw, in two separate stores, […]

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