The internet is our best friend.

I recently found out about‘s sale alerts feature – you choose the stores that you like and they’ll email you whenever they have a sale and they’ll also tell you what items are on sale. So of course I signed up and chose several stores, including West Elm.

Yesterday, I got one of these emails from ShopStyle and there was a cool mirror on sale:

That would be perfect for our first floor bathroom! So I eagerly clicked over to West Elm but lo and behold, the mirror was all sold out.

I called the local store and asked if they had it in stock. They did! But it wasn’t on sale… I told them that it was on sale online. They said they would honor the sale price. We rushed right over and they were also having a 20% off sale on all sale items! We picked up a few other tiny accessories and I thought the 20% wouldn’t apply to the mirror because technically it wasn’t on sale in the store. But it did! So we got the mirror for around 60 dollars. Niceeee.

This wasn’t the first time – when we bought our spiffy trash can, I looked at the price in the store and knew it was cheaper online. I found it online on my phone and showed it to the store worker and she honored the price. Always check the price online!

A secret for you – these cool pillows are on sale online and sold out, but aren’t on sale in stores (at least, at mine). If you need new sofa pillows, consider these:


6 Responses

  1. I love it! Can’t wait to see what it looks like in the bathroom!

  2. I LOVE West Elm. My #1 favorite store of all times! Great deals you got!

  3. Fabulous mirror and fab advice, too!

  4. Dang, they hooked you up! Nice choice.

  5. Yah. Love a good deal. I have found the West Elm people to be very helpful.

  6. […] that I’ve bought the mirror and the whale art, and the rug, shower curtain, and knobs are on their way to my house, the next […]

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