…this acrylic shelf for the first floor bathroom, above the toilet, to hold… stuff.

In the picture in my head, there would be two of them.

We have a gift card to CB2 and I would love for it to go to something for our bathroom.

I’ve always wanted something acrylic in our house.

And this gives us reason to buy even more little cute things for the bathroom. A most perfect plan.


8 Responses

  1. Above the toilet should be good. I used to have a shelf next to the sink, which although very convenient, was not great on my elbows. I like the idea of the extra storage and decorative element.

  2. YES! Those shelves would be rad.

  3. I think it is beautiful if you enjoy dusting…. :0/

  4. I’ll take any excuse for extra pretties, so I say go for it. And acrylic rocks!

  5. LOVE acrylic and lucite furniture! This is a great find.

  6. effing gorgeous. do it!

  7. Love these! They are sort of floating, but also make a statement on their own

  8. […] annoying, soul-sucking touch-ups) are done and we’ve received ALL of our items (including the shelves, which just arrived today, yayyy)! Next up is painting the […]

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