You know we just had to paint the ceiling…

We had some paint already laying around (I just love it when people say, I just had this laying around.. I picture the “things” laying around on the floor, lounging in their PJs), so we painted swatches of five different paint colors on our ceiling…

The teal paint was left over from our office, the gray is from our guest bedroom, and the sky blue was a test paint sample we got for our office but decided was too bright. We loved how the teal paint looked with the dark gray. We felt the light gray looked good, but was boring and predictable. The sky blue paint proved to be too bright, again. I don’t know if we’ll ever use up that little paint sample.

The light gray paint is the same as our living room and the yellow paint is the one we tested out as stripes on our walls but hated. The light gray was MEH but the yellow was surprisingly looking good.

Our top contenders at this point was the teal and the yellow. Then we held up our devil whale art (it is even better looking in person) and our rug to see how they looked with the two colors. The devil whale art has some yellow in the clouds (you can’t really see it here) and of course the rug has all the gold yellow, so they went perfectly with the yellow ceiling.

Last weekend, we tackled the ceiling and I think I might have a paint splotch still stuck on one of my (thankfully disposable) eye contacts, but it is all done! We also painted the walls dark gray as well. Done, done, done! I think it will be MONTHS before we tackle another bathroom because all the taping and tarping were driving us crazy. Such a small space, so much prep work!

Of course, Tala helped us out, as usual.

Seriously, that cat likes to snuggle up in the weirdest spots. The weirdest ever was a colander… here’s the proof.


7 Responses

  1. I can’t wait to see it when it’s done. I love yellow. Your cat is too cute.

  2. Yellow looks good on the ceiling!!! oxo

  3. Great colors. Looking forward to the reveal!

  4. lol… our cat is the same way, although I’ve never seen her in a colander! Currently she’s asleep on my feet. ANYway.

    A yellow ceiling! I’m very intrigued by this! That couldn’t have been fun painting the ceiling though… ugh.

  5. Omg.. cats are awesome. She’s able to get in the colander w/o knocking it over. I’ve plenty anticipation to see the “after” picture of the teal & yellow =)

  6. That rug is so fine! That would be perfect in our guest bathroom. The best part about the post? Kitty in colander!!! 🙂

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