Black swirlies, strokes, dashes, lines, etc.

A while back, I posted about DIY art ideas. I think I’ve finally decided on an art project that I want to do for the space above our sofa.

Something like these:


via my favorite and my best

Elle Decor via i suwannee

Ralph Lauren Home via Colour me Happy

And I love how the art in the below picture is divided into two separate frames:

via Trouvais via From the Right Bank

Here’s my vision. Three frames from Ikea, some black paint, and a steady but dancing hand. Should be easy, right?

Uhh… I might have to do 100 tries and go through 43 buckets of black paint before I get it right.

Nick joined in the fun and made this one:

Sometimes he thinks he’s so clever…


9 Responses

  1. I think this is a great idea. Sarah at did something similar and I loved the idea.

  2. I love your art idea. I also loved that room with the abstract divided over two frames

  3. As soon as I can get our butts to IKEA, I will do this! IKEA feels so far away, even though it takes only 40-50 minutes to drive there.

  4. Neat ideas!!!

  5. FUN! Love this idea. I think I might even be able to do this and I have like NO design talent at all! 🙂 Keep us posted.

  6. My Ikea is 4hrs away in Atlanta so you definitely have it good. I’m really digging the 6th painting you did the most. To me that’s the winner and should be re-created.

  7. […] What about black swirly art that I posted about a while ago and was thinking maybe doing for the living room? What if I did them for the […]

  8. […] another small-scale painting, of course. I think I will try making some swirly black art, like I talked about 3,221 years ago. I thought I should go with something with a bit more color, but my original plan is probably the […]

  9. As you may be tackling this sometime over the summer (which I predict you will be, after lovin’ your successful bedroom art), thought I would throw my 5 cents in and vote for #5 (the one that looks like EMG) because it looks classy, swooshy, and could be symbolic of EMG, the founder of GALLAUDET!) 🙂

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