Seven is my favorite number. (unoriginal but true)

Thanks to sweet Mary Ellen from lucky little stars for awarding us the Stylish Blogger award!!

As part of getting this award, I have to list seven things about us that you might not know. Sorry, but I’m not a very interesting person… Hence, here’s seven things you might not know about our house!

1. One reason why I hate our carpet so much is this hole our sweet, dear Vaquero made:

Yes, that Vaquero is quite the charmer. He has abandoned this spot on the stairs altogether and is focused on another area – this one between the dining room and living room. Let’s hope we can get wood flooring down before another hole is created and unleashed on this world!

2. We live in Austin and it’s home to a lot of hippies, musicians, homeless people, and ANTS.

And they bite. Furiously. We battled these huge ant hills for a while, along with crazy WEEDS, until we gave up and got a lawn care service. Best decision we’ve ever made. This is an old photo from before we got the lawn care service… we just don’t see them (the hills, not the ants) anymore. Whew.

3. We can see cows, donkeys, goats, and horses from our bedroom window.

Sorry for the bad photo, but you get the idea. In early mornings, we can see all kinds of animals and it feels cool – like the city is north of us and the country is just behind us. All that land is a ranch… so we shouldn’t be worried about housing development happening there for a while. Hopefully!

4. Our garage is 1/3 painted.

Actually, probably not even 1/3. Nick started painting the garage as a surprise two summers ago when I was away on a road trip, but he stopped when he realized the paint was bubbling up. Turns out that you aren’t supposed to paint in extreme temps… and temps in Austin in summer is extremely hot. So he put it off for milder weather……………………………….. Well, let’s move on.

5. This house is where headless lamps come to die. There’s these lamps hanging out in our room sans shades, and then there’s the green lamps you already saw.

We got these great purple/gray/smoke glass lamps from Target a while back, but we haven’t gotten around to getting shades for them because they don’t even have nightstands to rest on, so what’s the point? But I hate seeing them on the floor, looking all forlorn.

6. We have a Bison in our house.

When we saw this at Home Goods, we were like, interesting… but the longer we looked at it, the cooler it seemed, and bison are pretty special to us because we’re proud graduates of Gallaudet University. Their mascot is… you guessed it, the mighty Bison! It hangs out on the top of our TV set.

7.  We have too many glass vases.

We finally got around to cleaning up our wedding stuff from boxes in the garage. We have all these glass vases – like 10 in total – from our reception. I’m not sure what to do with them. Nick wants to use them in decor, but what can you do with glass vases… I mean, ten glass vases? I’m thinking about painting them in the inside, but Nick is resistant to the idea. He always is, at first, but I have my ways…

So that is our seven! Be sure to check out Mary Ellen’s blog! Thanks, again, Mary Ellen!


6 Responses

  1. My gosh- lovelove the lamps and the Bison! Yes, capitalize it- it’s a proper certain University mascot! 🙂 Thanks for keeping on bloggin- it keeps me sane during law school. 😉 Can’t wait to see you guys again and see the updates in person! I nearly came for Clerc Classic, but ack plane ticket prices were a bit high. 😦 Soon soon thro! Welcome to come and visit me, thro!

  2. Thanks, Tawny, for the friendly correction! Fixed to pay respect to the mighty Bison 🙂

    And I wish I had a private jet so I could jet over anytime!

  3. I love those lamps! Get some nightstands, already!

  4. Fun to more about you! I can understand the whole unfinished projects/ animals destroying things issues. Those lamps are hot, get them some heads!

  5. Haha, what a great post, you have a fun sense of humour! The carpet story was great and the lamps too, I don’t feel alone, I have a hard time parting with them myself!

  6. […] In other news, I got another Stylish Blogger Award from the always chic Court at Breaking Down the Big, Biege Box. Thanks, Court!! You can see my seven things about me in this post. […]

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