An Ode to Stripes & Flowers (& a sonnet)

Stripes and flowers, what an ultimate match

Masculine and feminine, hand in hand

The strip says to the floret, what a catch

Your beauty I just can’t bear to withstand

Lines upon lines of white space and color

Will dance off nicely against fresh flowers,

Colorful blossoms seem proud and taller

Next to stripes; you could stare at it for hours

Combine Anthropologie and J. Crew,

Mix sweet with savory, soft with sharp,

A marriage of beauty you can’t undo

If you oppose, you can jump off a scarp.

Stripes and flowers, you truly blow my mind

If Nick vetoes this, he’s patently blind.

sources: inspiration photo from lonny; some fun belowduvet, rug; unexpected eleganceduvet, rug; not too feminineduvet, sheets, rug; powerful colorduvet, pillow; soft but strikingduvet, pillow; yellow, jazzed upduvet, sheets; queen of the hiveduvet, pillow; black + flowers = yesduvet, rug.


5 Responses

  1. Nice combos! Also, nice poem 🙂

  2. So cheerful. It’s got me thinking of spring.

  3. This post is making me want to redo every room in my house!!!

  4. I fell in love with that yellow bedroom in Lonny mag, too. It’s so bright and fun. Think my husband would go for it? 🙂

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