Painting the Town Black

We’re making steady progress on our first floor bathroom – the walls and the ceilings (and all the pesky, annoying, soul-sucking touch-ups) are done and we’ve received ALL of our items (including the shelves, which just arrived today, yayyy)! Next up is painting the vanity.

We chose this black paint by Martha Living: Silhouette.

The actual paint is actually blacker than what it seems here. It’s a great, dark black. We got it matched to Behr Ultra and we’ll start priming and painting the vanity this week/weekend. It will take forever, since some recommendations say to wait FIVE DAYS before flipping over the cabinet doors to paint the other side, and then wait ANOTHER FIVE DAYS before drilling in the holes and reattaching them to the vanity. And that doesn’t even include the wait time between priming and painting. Sigh. Can you tell I love instant gratification?

Since we got a gallon of the Silhouette paint, we’re sure we will have some left over. We thought about painting our stairway handrail black:

Of course, the walls will be light gray and that LOL light will be switched out for something… less LOL-ish. We plan to put black frames with white mats all over this wall. And don’t even look at the carpeted stairs, PLEASE.

But then I saw this great stairway at our little beehive:

This is the picture in my head – but I just fell in love with the black stairs! So dramatic.

And then, like fate, I stumbled into this photo while clicking through MadeByGirl:

Hus & Hem

I do not say SWOON but if I did, I would be saying it here.

I’m pretty sure our stairs is just plywood underneath, but with a good primer and black paint, would it look fine and great? Or am I dreaming? Seriously, I’ve been having some freaky dreams lately. Some of them wake me up in the middle of the night. That is, when Vaquero isn’t licking my face and stabbing me in the throat with his paw.


16 Responses

  1. Hey Elisa,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I can’t wait to see your bathroom with the black vanity. I went back and looked at your wall paint and other choices, and I love what you chose.

    Looking forward to seeing more!

  2. Black stairs yes!!! I would love to do mine but i seriously think it would be too much for me since most of my walls are already black. Black just looks very polished and grand definitely a great color to make a statement with on your stairs!!

  3. Hi Elisa – Thanks for stopping by! The main stairs are actually just dark stained wood like the rest of the floors in the house. But I did just paint our stairs to the basement den this past weekend. I’m just finishing up a post about them that will go live tomorrow morning. It was a super easy project and in my experience, tearing up carpet is really not that difficult, just a little time consuming! I would love to see black stairs with white risers in your house. Mmm, my favorite combo! (but not practical for the dark area I was painting in our house). xo

  4. I think black stairs would be fabulous! And painting cabinets is the pits.

  5. Since you saw it on two blogs, I think it’s a sign.

  6. I’ll say the word “swoon” for you!

  7. YES! go for it! I am about to be painting my stairs (that are just plywood under carpet) too and I think black is a great option!

  8. I found your blog today on “Its Great to Be Home,” and I am so glad I did! I love your picture of the black and white photos in the stair well turn. DROOL. I think DIY projects are wonderful and you obviously do too. Some day I am going to stencil the risers of stairs, or maybe use Mexican looking tiles. Glad you were pointed out to me, so now I will look forward to repeat visits!

  9. If your stairs are just plywood, paint away! If they are nice treads, you MUST stain them. I will personally kill you if you don’t.

  10. I LOVE the black! I hope you go for it so I can live vicariously through you since I live in a single level home with no stairs to paint. 😦 And good luck with the vanity, I would be dying over the lack of instant gratification too! It will look awesome.

  11. ooh love it! I would to afraid to go black — I would go dark walnut instead, I also loved the framed pictures at the top of the staircase

  12. I absolutely love that last pic. You must paint your stairs black. :o) It would be killer.

  13. […] Saw some lights we might consider for our stairway: […]

  14. Oh, yeah. Those are swanky stairs! It’ll be fun to see what you all wind up doing. I think we’re going with white, but with charcoal treads. At least, that’s what I think *this* week 😉 We probably won’t get to them for quite a while still, but I like to think through the different options. All black is very dramatic, and if glossy, I think it’s kind of glamorous, too 🙂

  15. […] experiment with the bottom part (below the window you see in the above photo) and see how it looks painted black and decide what to do from […]

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