At 5:30 AM, I was outside taking pictures.

And here’s what I was wearing:

PJ pants stolen from Nick, warm socks, and shiny flats. I just put on whatever was near the door because I was thrilled to see all this snow! This doesn’t happen in Austin very often.

And school was closed today, so I had the day off! Unfortunately, my sweet Nick is out of town this weekend. Alone, off from work, what’s a girl to do?

Do some priming in the kitchen! I couldn’t use the garage because it was below 40 degrees all day (painting should be done between 40 and 90 degrees). These are for our closet bookshelves. Yes, that project that I started eons ago. There was a lot of headaches with measuring, remeasuring, recutting, paint drying time, laziness, interruptions from life, whatever. But progress is finally being made – all the stupid 234,882 pieces of supports are all primed and painted and now almost all the shelves are primed and ready for paint! Thanks to ALL THE SNOW!

If you can even call it snow. In the morning, the view from our bedroom was this:

And by 4 PM, it looked like this:

To Austin’s credit, schools were closed today because we had some freezing rain and sleet before the snow started. But all you Northerners are allowed to laugh loud, belly laughs and point your finger at us. Have fun!

We will be having 59 degree weather tomorrow, according to weather reports. Back to normal.


9 Responses

  1. Yesterday was so unbelievably insane, but also incredibly beautiful.

    Still, it’s nice to be back to the sunny sixties!

  2. I’m familiar with how ridiculous Austin is with snow….just moved to Canada from Austin a few weeks ago. Wish I were back in the “warm” winter there! It’s brutally cold here!

  3. Uh, yes! I did laugh my butt off at ‘all that snow’! HA

  4. How nice to have the day off!!

  5. Yup. Laughing.

  6. Haha, awesome. I’m jealous you had a snow day! But that was fun to be able to get some things completed. Can’t wait to see what it looks like finished.

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  8. Ahh, nothin’ like a snow day to get some projects done (or started) at home!! It has been snowing like crazy all day here in KS, and I’m REALLY hoping I won’t have to go to work tomorrow. Ugh.

  9. […] here like DC or Florida, where I spent 25 years of my life. I still remember the chill and the snow of winter, so I am not taking the summer for granted at […]

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