(fantasy) outdoor space

After a miserable week of going through boxes and boxes of Kleenx and bursting all the blood vessels in my nose, you might say I’m ready for spring.

Actually, let’s skip spring and just go straight to summer. My favorite season.

So, when Liz at It’s Great to be Home asked this question for her blog party: If I won a free makeover for one room in my home, I wouldโ€ฆ the answer was easy for me.

I would ask for an outdoor room to be created and decorated, please! Our patio currently looks like this (but add the grass, this was pre-sod):

I’m sorry, it doesn’t even deserve to be called a patio. A tiny cement block is the only thing there. We have a lot of work to do here.

For my fantasy makeover of this space, we would add something like this:

High Gloss Magazine

Specifically, the roof/columns, the gray stone floor, and the lighting. And we definitely plan on switching out our lame sliding door for a black french door.

Ahh, looking better already. But we’re not done!

The color scheme here is green, orange, cream white, and blue. Start with a green striped rug (1) and add a nice creamy white outdoor sectional sofa (2). Fun blue side tables (3) could hang out to hold margaritas. I would love this hanging chair (4), either hanging off the porch or with a stand. I like the shape of this coffee table (5), but I would either stain it a dark color or paint it. Then we have our pillows – one made out of this great fabric (6) and then add this pillow, that pillow, and another pillow (7). Come to think of it, I could use the navy fabric to make a cushion for the hanging chair, that would be cool. Lastly, these coasters are very cute but I would want plates similar to this for outdoor grub.

Add lots of Mexican beer with salt and lemon slices and now that’s what I call summer!


12 Responses

  1. I’ll bring the Dos Equis!

    • I’ll take a margarita, please!! I would kill for a covered patio like the one from High Gloss…and I love what you chose to decorate it with. I’m with you, bring on summer!

      I’m so glad you joined the blog party, your dream makeover is awesome!

  2. I really like it! Patios always seem to be the last to get redone. I love your ideas!

  3. Ivy over a patio is just so perfect, don’t worry it all takes time but you will get there.
    I am yiou newest follower:)

  4. I love that pix of patio! Yeah it is perfect for your backyard! Hope you win!!! Oxoxo

  5. Would LOVE a nice outdoor space. In fact, my Hubby and I are hoping to use our tax refund to redo our deck to fancy up our backyard.

    I like your color scheme!

  6. Wow. Looks awesome. And you will need that viney shade in the summer.

  7. My gosh, that’s gorgeous! Is the request for your “dream room” a contest? If so, hope you win just so I can experience it on my next visit ๐Ÿ˜‰ Win-win situation! Especially like the blue and white pillow n coasters. Summery and navy-reminiscent!

  8. Love what you put together ๐Ÿ™‚ The nautical knot coasters are so fun, and you did a great job mixing your fabrics.

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