Lights Galore

We finally went on our bathroom light hunt last Saturday and it was successful! It was so successful that I was so worn out and slept all the way home from the stores. Sorry, Nick. In my defense, we also went thrifting after the three lighting stores – no, no that’s a lousy defense. I’m just a wimp.

First, we went to this cool little lamp store in downtown Austin, Tipler’s Lamp Shop. They had a great mixture of antique lights with modern lights and I loved everything in there, especially all the big ceiling pendants. I didn’t take any pictures because the workers there seemed very aloof and didn’t greet us, and I always take that as “You don’t look rich enough to shop here, so we aren’t wasting our time..” and I didn’t feel right taking pictures. Oh well. The lights there were tad out of our budget, so they might have been right in ignoring us.

Our second stop was Lighting, Inc. It’s a bigger store that carries all types of lightings, mostly traditional but with a nice selection of more modern light fixtures. We checked out the bathroom lights and saw this beautiful thing.

The “beautiful thing” I speak of is not the light itself, but the big yellow tag that says Special Sale Price! That three-bulb light was down from around $150 (?) to $45. Awesome – and we even liked the light, so it was perfect and made our decision easy. Otherwise it would have been a pain in the neck deciding which light to pick.

Some other favorites of ours that we’ll definitely consider for the other bathrooms in our house:

Look at the top of the photo – the ones with the cute shades and the crystal bottoms. I love them. I want them for our master bathroom! Someday. With dark purple walls, white marble countertops, shiny mirrors, light gray vanity… oh yeahhh.

This one was a bit expensive, but we loved the dark, moody look of them –

In the right bathroom, they would be perfect.

I also loved the industrial look of this light – (top row)

Maybe not in this house, though.

After we bought the light, we decided to go ahead and check out our third lighting store – Lights Fantastic. I am glad we did! That store is… well, fantastic. The light fixtures are very modern and cool and the prices cannot be beat. We saw some lights that were also available at the other lighting stores, but they were cheaper here.

We only saw one bathroom light that we liked in this store, though – after you’ve seen a number of bathroom lights, you get bored easily. We liked this one and will consider it for our 2nd floor bathroom, if we feel like it.

There were too many goodies around the store to focus only on the bathroom lights. Nick fell in love with this lamp and said, “We must buy this!” I said, “Check the price.” I’ve seen this around blogland and just knew it would be an unfriendly price.

Over a thousand bucks. Yeah… moving on. Nick demands an overhang lamp for our sectional sofa, though, so I will be stalking Craig’s List for that.

Saw some lights we might consider for our stairway:

And some contenders for our living room ceiling light:

(this one, above, is another form of boob light according to Nick. he’s right… look closely)

A simpler pendant:

This dazzling ceiling light grabbed Nick’s attention.

It is way too fancy for our living room, of course, but this could be awesome in a closet, maybe?? A bedroom would be another great place for this glittering thing.

You know we need lamps for our living room and we really liked this lamp – it comes in different colors. We saw, in two separate stores, a light blue one, an orange one, a teal one, and this gray one. Only if it was 50 bucks cheaper.

Enough about lights for now. Our little bathroom light is installed right now and we are happy! We’ve also visited three light places in Austin and are adding them to our home decor places to frequent, so we are happy! This post is finally over, and I’m happy!


5 Responses

  1. So glad we are done with the whole lighting thing for our bathroom. I found it frustrating! Did yall?

  2. Aren’t lights ridiculously expensive? You got a good deal with your bathroom lights.

  3. Bri, if we didn’t find that light that was on sale, we might have found it a bit hard to find something we loved and was willing to fork over the money for. Bromeliad’s right, lights are ridiculously expensive. We lucked out, that’s for sure….

  4. Lighting Inc is a fabulous store, and they do occasionally have good prices… you guys scored!

  5. i like that store too…greetings from Germany

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