In a perpetual state of progress.

You’re welcome to come and visit our home sweet home, where you’ll find uncompleted projects strewn about.

Towel hooks for the bathroom primed but not painted yet. We decided to go white instead of yellow once we saw it primed. Yep, we’ve got some left over white spray-paint, perfect, perfect. I’m banned from spray-paint because of the little shrimp in my belly, so honey, can you do it sooner than later? After you do the cat litter, the dishes, the drilling, and the massaging. Love you honey, at least your body won’t be ripped apart in a few months, don’t complain.

A hanging all painted purple and happy, but sad to be hiding under our dresser, waiting for it’s time to shine above our bed. What’s the hold-up, you ask? We want to play with our room arrangement first before adding another hole to the wall. So, my little purple sweetie, you’ll remain hidden until… Who knows when?

Three RIBBA frames all ready, waiting and waiting and waiting for some homemade art. Darlings, you’ll be waiting for some time… Hate to tell you this, but it’s probably the truth. We’ll try our best, but I predict this will be a summer project, after school’s out. Until then, we toil away in our classrooms by day and lounge at night.

Our poor little exercise room, being used as a giant tool box, now going through some identity confusion. You’re a guest bedroom now, little one, you’ll have sweet people sleeping in you instead of sweaty people trying to get in shape. The good news, my dear, is that you’ll have a makeover sooner than you would have if you remained an exercise room. Next decision: green or blue, blue or green? I think blue…

Bathroom cabinets painted on one side, let marinate for five days, turn over, lovingly caress the other side, let lounge for another five days, realize you should have painted the front side last, turn it over a little angrily this time, slap on another coat, grumble for five days, and then realize that they need some drillin’… almost there, almost there, almost ther….

The project that will never end. After months of priming, painting, priming and painting all the supports and shelves, it’s finally installation time. After testing out some anchors and figuring out where the studs are, the first support was installed. After this successful run, the plan is to purchase lots and lots of anchors and get to drilling. After that… lots of little steps, such as filling in the screw holes with wood filler and painting over it. Oh, joy, joy, joy!

But there is a small bright spot of joy in our house… very, very soon, we will have the first completed room in the history of this house! Our bathroom is practically finished, except for the towel hooks and the cabinet knobs I whined about earlier. So excited about this – photos will be shared by Monday, for sure. We’ll be done by then, for sure. For sure. For sure.

But the shelves won’t be done. They will never be done. I didn’t realize how hard it is to style shelves, wow. At least there’s a cute bird on it. A bird, you ask incredulously. Hasn’t it been done? Yes, probably, but it is cute. And I don’t have any other animals in the house, except for two real cats and a bison, so I think we’re allowed.

And when I showed Nick this post, he said that he thinks we can complete everything by Monday morning. Ah, I married an optimist!


11 Responses

  1. Too funny! I like the green for that room, actually. It’s very bold and fun. I hear you on the shelves, our built in project took forevah. You will get there!

  2. I feel you, Elisa! Completely. I still love those lucite shelves of yours, and yes they are HARD to style!

    Thanks so much for compliments on your bookshelf. And don’t be too hard on yourself, you got a bun in the oven. That’s a good excuse for just about anything. Just finish the baby’s room….

  3. Hahaha, I love your husband’s attitude on getting everything done. I actually like the green better than the blue for that room. 🙂

    • You and Sara both love the green! We do love the green, but we realized it wouldn’t flow right on our first floor since there is no other green anywhere in the kitchen, the living room, or the entryway. We’re going to use that green for the upstairs bathroom and we have green everywhere on the second floor!

  4. I will help you complete everything when I will be at your home soon! oxox

  5. Looks familiar….I’m always in a project. Thrilled to find and follow your blog this morning!!

  6. I so know that feeling.

  7. […] have more confidence to tackle this project if we ever finish our bookshelves in our office closet. We got some more supports in but had some problems with the anchors last weekend. We’ll get […]

  8. So how you loving the shelves? I was considering them for the destroyers room but at $5o a pop I is not know…. I would put his dinosaurs and sh*t on them.

  9. […] some art supplies and get started. Before using our new free frames, however, I need to fill in the frames in the living room. They have been looking at me with their sad eyes and asking me when I will make them pretty. I saw […]

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