Before and After: 1st Floor Bathroom

I feel like it was only yesterday when we started this project. This is the fastest we’ve completed a project in this house!

I think we finished so fast (at least, fast for us) because we had a very clear plan, had our budget ready (thank you, Christmas money!), and ordered everything at once. Plus, this bathroom is really tiny.

We swapped out the mirror with a round West Elm beauty that we bought on sale and kicked the ugly builder lights for a great fixture at a great price. We also loved a lot of things that we saw at Anthropologie and bought the yellow towel and towel hook from there. The (still empty) soap dispenser is from Target.

The rug is also from Anthropologie and has all of the colors in the bathroom. I love that rug! The simple curtain is from Amazon and it is supposed to be wrinkled. It’s the newest fad, don’t you know?

A better shot of the rug. My purty dear.

Doesn’t this vanity look so much better in black? It was a pain to paint and paint and paint (even though Nick did all the painting, it was hard work nagging encouraging him to make progress), but the result is so worth it. Even if we still have to do a few touch-ups to make it perfect. I also really love the knobs. It’s hard to see the detail here, but they’re glass and full of bubbles.

You can see the light fixture a bit (slightlyyy) better here and also the shelves. I’m not satisfied with the arrangement at all, but I’m sure that in a year or two we’ll find the perfect set-up. Gashh. I stole a frame from the kitchen and I like the scale, so I’ll pop in a small frame on there later. Please ignore the current art in the frame right now. It says “Coffee Time”… definitely not art for the bathroom. Oh, wait…

Ah, here you can see the ugly stripes that we considered and kicked to the curb a while back. I like the whale art much better. The towel hooks (from Hobby Lobby, spray-painted white) are very cute and much more user-friendly than the cheap builder towel bar that was there before.

This shot is just to show you the yellow ceiling. It doesn’t really show up well in photos, but we really like the yellow on the ceiling! It’s fun and unexpected and it’s not too in-your-face. It just works with everything in the room.

1 down, 13 spaces in the house to go. We’re almost there! Yay!


14 Responses

  1. Love it!! Wow that turned out great. The rug, yellow pops of color, and artwork really make the space. Goes to show you how a darker color in a small space doesn’t actually make the room look smaller.

  2. Yay, you did an awesome job! The finished product looks so great. I’m loving yellow & gray in bathrooms – somehow it manages to be moody and fresh all at the same time!

  3. So original. I can’t get enough of looking at the whale and it makes me wanna dive into the tub!!! Well done Elisa & Nick.

  4. Thanks, Robin, Liz, and Rachel!! We love it and the dark paint definitely doesn’t make it smaller – it just fits the room because there’s no light in there, so embrace it and it doesn’t feel dark at all!

  5. Awesome. Very cheery yet uncluttered.

  6. I love the gray! I would not have thought of that color but it makes the whole space so cozy and spa-like! Everything pulls together so nicely.

    I found you from TDC!

  7. first, that mirror is FAB! lordy! and that yellow ceiling, how fun and funky! what a great before and after. btw, i have plans to paint my vanity black…now i’m worried how many coats i’ll need. oh boy! great job on this, you guys!

  8. I like this. A Lot! LOVE that yellow ceiling!

  9. Great job! And if it makes you feel better our bathroom is still not done. Its been a year and we have everything.

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  12. I love the shower curtain– where did you find it on Amazon?

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