A genius idea for coat/shoe storage

This house of ours has a lot of great things about it, but it has some stupid things, too. For one, there is no coat closet! Luckily, we live in a warm climate where we don’t wear coats or jackets most of the year, but it still gets annoying seeing our coats take over our dining table.

We could add hooks to our entryway, but I’m kind of iffy about that idea because our entryway is pretty narrow. Witness:

It still looks like this, but with a mirror and shoes (mostly mine) strewn all over the floor. Nick has been disciplining me lately and I’ve gotten better, but we need a solution.

We talked about adding a makeshift coat closet in the garage (see the door on the left – that’s to the garage), but I shiver at the possibility that I could innocently put a bare feet in one of my cute shoes and shriek as a roach crawls all over my naked skin. That happened to me once, when I left my scuba booties in the locker room at college. That was really smart of me to do that… that incident scarred me for life.

It was a HUGE roach. H-U-G-E. Great, now I’m going to have another freaky bug dream. Last night, I dreamed that an brown grasshopper jumped on our bedroom chandelier and got electrocuted and caught on fire. Eughh.

Let’s just quickly get back to my original point. Coat and shoe storage.

We were stumped, until I saw this awesome idea at Ohdeedoh:

Isn’t this BRILLIANT? We could even add hooks above this for our coats.

I’ll have more confidence to tackle this project if we ever finish our bookshelves in our office closet. We got some more supports in but had some problems with the anchors last weekend. We’ll get back to it this weekend, hopefully we’ll get some of the actual shelving up!


8 Responses

  1. I love this! You’ve got to do it!

  2. Aw yeah that’s cute!! Esp the tiny kids’ shoes… makes me melt thinking about the lil Vita coming! Wonder if you would keep it white? Or have it the same color as the wooden floor as you plan to get?

  3. Whoa, you are brave! I was thinking you could get those thin Ikea shoe ‘cabinets’ for the wall the stairs are on. But, this is a cool solution, too!

  4. Oooh, that is quite genius. I love creative storage solutions like this! I think you’re on to something…

  5. this only works if you have wide stairs. If you stairs are normal width I think this may make them feel crowded.

    Don’t let me cramp your style though!

    • Did you spy on us last weekend? Nick and I had the exact same conversation after I stared at our stairs for a few minutes. I don’t think our stairs is wide enough for something like in the picture above, but if we keep the shelves very thin (and put shoes sideaways), it might be ok – or only put the shelves in the start of the stairs just before the first step. We’ll figure it out! Thanks for the tip!

  6. I support this!!!! Every house needs a landing pad.

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