Make a wish on this star…

Behold – another Craig’s List find!

But we cannot claim any credit for this find, other than actually driving to the location and purchasing it. It’s all thanks to the awesome blog Design Crisis (written by Craig’s List queens Erin and Karly).

They live in Austin, so I always enjoy reading their CL finds. A few weeks ago, I saw this post: Austin Craigslist, Cheapskate Edition. I fell in love with the star light on their list and eagerly clicked over to the CL ad. However, the link didn’t work, so I wrote them a comment asking for the weblink. They sweetly sent me an email with the link… and that led us to a cool little house with a cool little dog and this cool big star light!

Nick installs all the lights in this house, so he naturally installed this one. But his method was a bit different this time around:

Yes, he’s standing on a chair that’s dangerously balanced on the bed. I wonder if mom slept with dents in the mattress that night? Sigh.

Well, what’s important is that it’s installed and I love it so much that I want to put it in a room where I’m in more often so I can enjoy it more! The guest bedroom is off to a great start.

Ignore everything else in the room – we need to start working in that room sometime soon, but I’d prefer to focus on the nursery first. It’s OK for now for guests, but I just love how that light makes the room look 34 times better.

The best thing about the light? The shadows that it creates at night:

10 Responses

  1. This blog post was the best to read on email! Imagine the suspense scrolling down in the small email view screen to see what you meat by “a bit different method this time around” lol! Love love the star lamp! It’s perfect! Esp with the wall color!

  2. Thats a pretty light! me like.

  3. Ultra fantastico! Why did I not buy that light again?! Just kidding. Looks great in your beautiful bedroom.

  4. LOVE it! What a great find!

  5. Love your light!

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  9. […] it got relocated to the blue guest room downstairs. This time, I didn’t have lofty dreams for the side table. Since the walls were so […]

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