The Adventures of the St. Lucia Map

During the week of March 1st to 9th, 2009, we were enjoying our honeymoon at St. Lucia, an island in the Caribbean. In fact, it was so beautiful over there, beautiful enough that we had to purchase something that would remind us of that island.

After searching around for a good while, we decided to get this beautiful map of St. Lucia poster.

We were really excited about it, and we did not want to accidentally bend it somehow, so on the way back to U.S., we carried it with us instead of stuffing it in packed luggage. When we arrived in Austin, we went off the plane and decided to check to make sure that we did not forget something. We DID forgot one thing! This poster of the St. Lucia map! It was laying under the seats that we were sitting on.

We semi-panicked and went back to the plane, and, of course, the flight attendants wouldn’t allow us to re-enter to get it. We begged for them to go back and check it out, and we hoped that they would find it. Even though our flight was one of the last flights arriving at the airport (all of the flight attendants were all ready to go home), one of the attendants decided to give it a try for us and she found it. What a relief!

Anyway, the poster was just laying around for a good two years because we couldn’t find a good frame for it. It has an unique size that requires a custom frame. After two years of semi-searching (and I really mean semi-searching, not serious searching), we decided that IKEA’s white RIBBA frame would be a great match. We just put the poster over the mat so it would fit. Problem solved!

Now, since we got those items together, we are currently struggling to find a good place for it in our house. The Office with the teal? Game Room with the dark gray? Upstairs Bathroom with the (soon-to-be) green?

I think that the office would be a great match. However, it will look exciting in the game room. The bathroom is just a throw-in to make other two look better with this frame.

Help us out! 🙂

– Nick


3 Responses

  1. check out—

    the framing is awesome… maybe you guys should consider a better frame than an Ikea one??? That frame bring attention to the map. And it does not matter which room you put that map on. You want that map to be a conversation getter. :0)

    hugs hugs

  2. […] our honeymoon map hanging proudly? It’ll be moved down just a tad bit to make room for our cute yellow clock. […]

  3. I am visiting the Caribbean soon and am doing a couple of days in St Lucia so thanks for the advice as to what to do and see. I found this map of St. Lucia:

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