Another bathroom makeover on the horizon…

There are lots of little projects getting done around here, but they all need just a few little touch-ups here and there before I can share them. Meanwhile, we’re about to embark on another bathroom decorating project! We completed our first floor bathroom makeover a few months ago (read about it here) and we’re ready to tackle another one, starting this week.

Bathrooms are so satisfying to do because they can be completed really quickly (unless you’re doing a major renovation, which we aren’t) and it doesn’t require a lot of money for a complete facelift.

Here’s what the bathroom looks like right now – very plain Jane.

We already took off the mirror, but it was your basic builder bathroom mirror – large, no frame, heavy, sad.

We already have a gallon of Martha Stewart’s Bay Leaf, so we’ll be painting the walls this week. Since the walls will be a saturated color, we’ll be going pretty simple with the rest of the decor:

We spent our July 4th in the most American of all American ways: shopping! We stopped by our favorite outlet store, Williams & Sonoma and Pottery Barn Outlet. Although we hoped to grab another white side table and didn’t, we did find this great bathroom light for less than half of its original price!

I’ve always loved West Elm’s striped curtains, but they recently came out with this gray and white version and it would be perfect for our bathroom. Since I’ve been trying to find a way to incorporate the combo of stripes and flowers, this rug would look great with the shower curtain! However, that rug is just a couple of inches too big for the bathroom. Sad face… so we’ll be looking for a similar rug but in a 2×3 size… do you have any recommendations, maybe?

These hooks spelling out their duty will hang on the wall opposite the toilet seat. We’re still on the hunt for another cool hook for the hand towel. We want some kind of black and white art above the toilet seat – we’re not set on what we want yet. An idea of mine is to use a blown-up version of a photobooth strip… Really not sure yet.

The vanity will be painted black (just like the first floor bathroom) and we’ll add some simple metal handles, probably these ones from IKEA. We already have this mirror waiting for its debut, so we’ll be hanging that up as soon as the walls are painted.

I’m picturing this bathroom as the main bathroom for our kid and his/her future siblings. So that’s why we’re keeping it fairly simple, so we can add in kid-friendly stuff when the time comes. And the green will go great with the green lamps reserved for our game room.

Okay – the plan is finally locked down and all we have to do now is to TAPE and PAINT. That should be fast but painful.


5 Responses

  1. Love the DRY hooks! Go for the photo booth idea- that would be so cool and kid-friendly to boot! Would be cool if the first is one of you n Nick, then 2nd of you looking all “preggy”, then third is pic of the baby! Too bad tthere’s not a long enough time-lapse photo booth feature, heh 🙂 But Photoshop?

  2. I just happened to come across this blog when I did a search for Martha Stewart’s Bay Leaf paint! I love your ideas! I’m actually getting ready to paint my bathroom the same color. Do you have any pictures of it finished? I would love to see them!

    • Hey, Jennifer – the paint is finished and I will post about it tomorrow morning.. the bathroom isn’t finished, though. The color is VERY green and I like it but I’m not 100% sure. I’m never 100% sure, though! Check back soon –

      EDIT: I can’t seem to take a good photo of the bathroom – will try again later. Sorry! Please do share your photos once you’ve painted!!

  3. […] I posted our plans and discussed my idea for some kind of photo strip art for the wall, our awesome friend Tawny wrote […]

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