Things are finally getting done around here… Nightstands & Hardware Makeover Complete!!!

Remember these campaign nightstands that we got a while back?


Well, I say “these” but you only see one in this photo. We have two of them, in case you’re wondering. And you’re probably not, so let’s just get on with it…

We didn’t sand the wood before priming because there weren’t a lot of scratches and we just didn’t feel like it. It wasn’t necessary, since we used BIN primer and that stuff sticks to everything! We did two coats of primer and then two-three coats of glossy pure white Behr paint. Oh, and three coats of water-based poly.

We ripped out the hardware and debated whether to leave them brass or spray paint them silver. After googling around for a while, we decided to clean them, sand them, prime them, and then spray paint them with metallic paint. There were loads of information on the ‘net on how to clean brass, but I didn’t feel like driving anywhere and buying stuff that I would use once… so I just used what I had on hand, and that was a couple of SOS spongs. They worked just fine!

I sanded them lightly and Nick was really worried because the sanding really scratched up the metal. So we tested two pieces to see how they turned out.

They turned out just fine, with no visible scratches in the end. Whew. So we proceeded to spray them all, giving poor Nick lots of headaches until we finally bought a decent respirator gas mask… and I don’t know why we didn’t make the $30 purchase sooner! Now I can prod him to do his spray-paint duties without feeling guilty for his headaches afterwards…

We love the results:

So white and pretty and new-looking! I especially love how the hardware looks in silver, I’m really glad we went ahead and took the risk of spray-painting them.

Yes, it’s been Tala’s hangout for a while… but they’re finally relocated to our bedroom. Sorry, Tala, you’ll have to find another spot.

When re-installing the hardware, some of the paint got a little banged up, but not too bad. We’ll do some touch-ups and then we’ll see how the paint job lasts! I’ll update y’all in a few months, since I’ve heard mixed reviews on painting hardware.

I’m just so happy they’re done! And I have to say that Nick and mom deserves alllll the credit for the nightstands. All I did was take photos and prep the hardware. I feel so lame these days…


3 Responses

  1. yayyyy! looks great!

  2. I would have been super wary of spray painting the hardware, but I’m really liking the finish now.

    and ps I’m super jealz you get to lounge around and have people do the hard work for you. That sounds like my dream reality 🙂

  3. […] found this dresser at our favorite thrift store, Next to New (where we found our campaign nightstands). I saw it tucked away in a crowded area in the store and thought it would be too expensive. I […]

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