Paint It Yourself: Part 2

We’ve been checking out the free ads on Craig’s List lately and we’ve gotten a couple of good stuff, including these picture frames:

Awesome. See how big they are – compare their size with the spray paint canisters on the left.

I feel even more motivated to DIY some art for all the blank walls in the house. I’ve rounded up some DIY art ideas in this post, but since then I’ve filled away many more ideas instead of actually doing anything. Well, now that we have all these frames, I’m gonna seriously get started soon. Soon-ish. No, really soon! It’s summer vacation and I have no more excuses.

Some more DIY art ideas for me and you:

You really can’t go wrong with anything chevron, and DIY art is no exception. I really enjoy this art and it could be easy to make. Measure and draw vertical lines all over your canvas and then just paint on the chevron stripes with several different colors. Limit it to 5-6 colors so it all works together. Photo via Molly Loot.

Want something even simpler?

Paint a canvas with your favorite color and then get a paint marker and make lines with your ruler. It doesn’t get any simpler than this!! Photo via Lonny.

Prefer something more colorful?

There are a couple of methods that you could try in order to DIY this. You could make a stencil and paint the diamond shape (or any other shape you want) over and over again with different colors. Or you could cut out a shape in some foam (like McLaura did for her DIY rug) and use it like a stamp. OR you could just use painter’s tape. Whatever method you use, be sure to allow for drying time. Photo via Made by Girl.

Do you like shapes, but not too much color?

Choose a 3-D shape that you like and create it with black paint, black marker, or even thin black tape. You could have some fun with Japanese tape – there are so many different designs and colors out there! (Psst – see the white fringe on this sofa? I think this really could work for our game room sofa!) Photo via Design Crisis.

Perhaps you prefer meaningful words over meaningless shapes?

Write or paint your favorite quote across three (or two or five or 20) canvases. I recently read this Swedish proverb that I just love: “Shared joy is double joy. Shared sorrow is half sorrow.” Photo via… no idea. 😦

OK, I’m definitely inspired now and will be off to the store this weekend to get myself some art supplies and get started. Before using our new free frames, however, I need to fill in the frames in the living room. They have been looking at me with their sad eyes and asking me when I will make them pretty. I saw a great piece of art at an Anthropologie store that I fell in love with… so I will try to recreate that. More on that later!!


2 Responses

  1. Such great inspiration. Making me wish I had a big blank wall someplace!

  2. Love all these ideas. Any more I can’t imagine buying any generic art when there is so much fun stuff to make yourself.

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