The Little Side Table That Could

This poor side table has gone through a lot of changes.

We got it through Craig’s List for a measly 7 bucks and we planned to use it as a side table for our orange-gray guest bedroom. I dreamed about silver-leafing it and giving it a glass knob.

Then came the little baby in my belly, so we changed our plans and turned the guest room into a nursery. I planned to leave the side table there to hold a lamp. I dreamed about painting it black and painting gold borders on it.

But then I realized that it had a total of SIX very sharp corners. The little alien in my stomach is very active – I think it’s going to be a soccer player. I can just imagine his/her little body running around as a two-year-old and getting one of the sharp corners right in the eye. Ouch.

So it got relocated to the blue guest room downstairs. This time, I didn’t have lofty dreams for the side table. Since the walls were so saturated, I thought about just painting it a simple white.

Can you guess what happened next? We realized that our dresser wouldn’t fit in the room, so we needed space for guests to put their clothes. The little side table wouldn’t hold much – we’re currently on the search for nightstands that have at least three dressers.

The homeless little side table sat and waited for us to find a new place for it. We realized that we needed side tables for our game room, so that was where it would go. Finally!

After we painted our game room a dark gray, we decided a light gray color would work for the little side table, since an ultra-white table wouldn’t look good next to our cream-colored sectional sofa.

First, we had to clean the little side table – it had been sitting in the garage for far too long. The little side table felt happy – it had a home! It was finally getting some attention and TLC!

We filled in the weird slats with wood putty to modernize it a bit.

Then we attacked it with two coats of primer and two coats of light gray. A turquoise knob was purchased and drilled in.

We put it next to the sectional sofa and stood back. The little side table knew that it was homeless once again. It just didn’t belong. The colors weren’t right and the size was off.

But we were determined to find it a home. We tried it out in the office, since our other table wobbled hard when we used our printer. We put the printer on top and it was a perfect fit!

We should have been done, but we weren’t. I stared at it everyday and felt that it wasn’t living to its potential. Something was missing. It was too plain. If you glanced around the room, you wouldn’t even notice the little side table that held the printer with strength and determination. It needed… something.

When I was using all of my different shades of tester gray paint to decide the ceiling color for our green bathroom, I looked at one of the little bottles and realized that I could use it to jazz up the little side table.

With a little green tape and some freehand outlining with a silver colored pencil, the little side table finally looked beautiful. I love it, and I hope that it knows just how pretty and useful it is now.

I think it does.


2 Responses

  1. Awwww! Love it! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Wow. Totally transformed.

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