West Elm-Inspired DIY Ideas

West Elm is officially my favorite store. They just get better and better with each new season! I love their catalogs, too – the way they include non-catalog items as well as Etsy finds makes every page a delight to look at.

I recently received their latest catalog and spent a whole airplane ride (it was a short flight) just looking at the pictures and thinking about what items would work in my house. And I also got a lot of inspiration for future DIY projects!


My mom worked as an art teacher when she lived in Florida and she usually made the costumes and decorations for school plays and pageant competitions. During my sophomore (or junior?) year, my class gave a play about dragons (our school mascot). My character was a dragon who acted like Barney. My mom made a paper mache dragon head and I wore it like a mask. She did an awesome job and I wish I could have kept one of the masks she made for the play.

So, when I saw this white paper mache animal bust, I thought that it would be a fun project. Start with a ball of some kind, maybe a syrofoam ball, then mold newspaper around it using masking tape until it resembles an animal head. Attach it to a piece of wood and form the neck and the ears. Make the horns out of toilet paper tubes and add pipe cleaners to look like ridges. Paper mache it all and spray it a glossy white. It could be awesome or a hot mess, depending on my paper mache skills. If worse comes to worst, it would still be fun to do!


There are loads and loads of sunburst DIYs out there in blogland, most of them good. However, this cool twig mirror is sightly different but would be as easy to DIY. And I could find everything at Hobby Lobby. Grab a mirror, a couple of fake twigs, hot glue everything on just so, and get a cute twig mirror as a result! If I could think of a good spot for this in my house, I’ll be sure to do it. A easy project!


I have so many white pillows waiting in a closet for their makeovers. We bought a lot of them for our wedding reception for the benches at our outdoor loft/bar. I’m always looking for ideas of how we can use them. This is a cute and simple idea! I have so many buttons saved up for no reason. But I wouldn’t actually sew the buttons on the pillow – I would just thread string in the buttons to make them look sewn on, and then glue them to the pillow. Think that’d work?


Another leftover from our wedding reception is all the glass vases we have. I plan to put paint in them and swirl them around to give them some color. This sweet little vase with the leaves gave me an idea – after putting paint in a vase, I could paint on the outside with glass paint to add simple designs like this one.


We have a total of three builder bathroom mirrors (two huge, one humongous) that we plan to re-purpose into pretty mirrors to reflect around more light, since our house doesn’t have that many windows. I’ve seen this mirror at West Elm before, but it never occurred to me that I could DIY this with our bathroom mirrors. Get thin trim, paint it black, glue it to the mirror, add little mirror squares from Hobby Lobby, and then finish it with some more painted trim.

I just bought some materials for one of these projects and we hope to get started on it soon. Can you guess which project we’ll be doing?


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  1. such fun projects – sure to be adorable when done! LOVE The button pillow idea :>)

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