Photo Booth Strips As Art

Is it really Thursday night already? Where did this week go? *shakes head*

Well, anyway. It’s time to show you the progress we’ve made on our second floor bathroom, which henceforth will be known as the Very Green Bathroom.

This was the best shot I could get of this tiny bathroom that gets no natural light. Will somebody just give me a  DSLR camera with a wide angle lens? Oh, you will? How sweet! Wait, you were just kidding? Don’t do that to a pregnant lady. You know, hormones. Actually, I have no pregnancy hormones. I don’t feel pregnant except for the monkey dancing in my belly and the fact that my stomach sticks out. I guess I should be grateful…

And are you sick of Tala the little cat yet? She just manages to find her way in 83% of the photos I take of this house. That’s a real statistic, by the way.

Back to the point! The light (grabbed at William Sonoma Outlet for 1/2 of retail price) is installed and it looks really great:

When we finished painting the Very Green Bathroom, we thought the green color was a little strong, but the simple light, the black mirror, and the gray and white curtain really tempered the green color and it all looks great…. in person. You’re welcome to visit if you want.

Next on the to-do list for the Very Green Bathroom is accessories, including art.

When I posted our plans and discussed my idea for some kind of photo strip art for the wall, our awesome friend Tawny wrote this comment:

Don’t you think that’s just the cleverest idea, ever? That Tawny is a clever one. Of course – she went to law school, for pete’s sake.

At our wedding, we had a photo booth. It was a last-minute addition to the reception and it was the best thing ever. Our wedding memory book has lots of fun photo strips of our guests with their messages scribbled on white pages. We love to look through it and remember our great night.

After reading Tawny’s comment, I looked through our book and found two photo strips of just us – me and Nick. Then we hit up a photo booth in town, along with my swollen belly. Our collection currently looks like this (scanned on our printer):

I’ll have to play around with Photoshop (while I still have it on my new laptop – free trial for a month!) to see what I come up for the art on the wall above the toilet.

When we watched the movie “The Jones” a month ago, I loved these huge blown-up photo strips. This was when I thought about using photo strips as art in our home… there’s something just nostalgic and fun about them.

In case you care, “The Jones” is a not-bad movie. Perfect for a lazy summer morning. Ah, I miss those already. Nick went back to work just last Monday and I’ve been hustling since then trying to write as much as I can (SEO article writing is what I do now). Working at home is an interesting change… and it hasn’t given me any extra time to work on the house. Sigh.


9 Responses

  1. I just love reading the blog and how many things are going on with you and Nicky! I just love your home ideas and the great buys you get. I can’t wait until the little one!

  2. The photostrip idea is so cute – reminds me of Amelie. I’m not sold on personal pictures in the bathroom, though. It’s a bit like they’re in there with you… (shudder).

  3. Oooh cool idea! I bet you could take your own photos and give them the photo-booth effect in photoshop too. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  4. *humbly grins* Glad I could be of service. Photo booth photos look great- esp like the one of you pointing- perfect intro to preggy you! (the one of Nick kissing your belly). Get some outdoor maternity shots and try Kelly’s idea, too! Kelly Lowe (nee Gorman) just had hers- the first for her now that its her fourth and they came out gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the final art- hint, may see ya soon!

  5. […] we just held off on that room while we focused on the guest bedroom, the Very Green Bathroom, and the nursery. Until we realized that we only had two rooms left to paint – our master […]

  6. i absolutely LOVE tawn’s idea! 😉 of course, she’s a genius!! i took a random picture of carrie’s and milana’s legs, and it came out amazing! I’m gonna hang it up in the bedroom- it has that old western feel to it, so that may be helpful with deciding the color of my bedroom as well as the style of my furnitures, hmm.. I still have yet to get bed frame, headboard, dresser, etc…

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