Laundry Room Brainstorming

Can you believe we’ve got only two rooms left in this house to paint? We’ve already decided on the paint color for our master bathroom, so all that’s left (other than the closets in the house that we’ll eventually tackle) is the laundry room! Here it is in its current and boring state.

It was really hard finding inspiration for this room. We knew we wanted light colored walls (light blue? light teal?) and possibly stripes on the long wall on the left (Nick is still eh on that idea), but what else? I’m still struggling with putting together a plan for the room, but here’s what we know we want so far.

I found the color scheme from Pinterest – it’s very closet to what we had in mind for the room. Light blue/teal, yellow, dark gray, white, darker blue/teal. I love this light from BoConcept, but not the price – I want to find a simple hanging light from Craig’s List or Restore and spray it a fun yellow. I already showed you the cabinets we’re going to paint dark gray, and we’re considering using the same knobs in our 1st floor bathroom just because they’re so pretty, but probably simple crystal ones from Hobby Lobby will do.

And that’s as far as I got. I really couldn’t find a paint color that we loved or a fabric that made us go YES! We can hold off on fabric decisions, but I really don’t want to do anything in that room before we paint the walls.

We thought maybe light blue would look good… until this (horrible as usual) photoshop mockup.

And now we’re just not sure. (Ignore the white board and the fabric for now, I’ll get to that later) Is the blue too blue? Too… pastel-y?

I tried this color:

Slightly better, I think? I have a feeling we’ll go through 32 samples before we come to a decision. I think we really need to find a fabric or a piece of art that just speaks to us and gives us inspiration and then we can go from there.

Okay, now the white board – I am thinking about getting a piece of plywood and painting it white and just sticking it on the top of our laundry machines so we have a clean space to fold our clothes on (similar to this). But since we don’t have fancy front-loading machines, we could cut the board up into three pieces and add hinges so we can just pull one side up to load the washing machine (on the right) and then pull the other side up to clean the lint filter (left side). Now that I’m really thinking about it, would white be a wise choice? Would it look dirty too fast from lint and laundry soap and general laundry messiness? Argh.

The fabric is a fabric that I really liked at JoAnn’s, but I’m not sure if it will work in this room. But let me tell you why we want fabric there. We have two whale-sized big cats that demand a big litter box. We kept on upgrading and upgrading to bigger ones, but I think we need an even bigger one. Sigh. Our house is not that big, cats. Stop being so demanding. And we tried putting the litter box in many different places in our house and none of them is working. Our last solution is in the laundry room, but we want to keep the room clean… so I’m thinking about hacking a litter box to get it to fit in the space between the machines and then adding little fabric curtains that covers everything up – the machines and the litter box. But the curtains would be in two pieces, so it would be easy to push them around. Did any of this make sense?

Moving on… I think this would be a fun idea for art for me to DIY for the laundry room:

Yep, I mentioned it before in my post about art that were diy-able. I think I have an idea of how to do this – with the help of a scanner and Photoshop and a overhead projector. Alas, I only have a few days left for my Photoshop free trial, so I’d better get hustling on this one.

So, that’s where we are with the laundry room. But I feel stuck… I need a paint color!

9 Responses

  1. I totally sympathize! I find choosing paint colors to be one of the most daunting things ever. I know people say “it’s just paint, you can redo it and it’s not expensive”….but I still have a hard time forking over additional $$ and time if it’s not the way I envisioned it.

    Love your DIY art inspiration, and that yellow pendant light is so cheerful!

    • The act of painting is the worst.
      We usually have an easier time picking paint colors… don’t know why we’re so stuck here! But I think we found a couple of colors we’ll test out soon…

  2. Would you go dark on the walls? I love small rooms with dark colors. I know, I know, I sound crazy and I’m not even listening to everything you wrote. But if you went gangbusters and did an eggplant or something that would be fun. Then your yellow and your other accents would really pop.

    • I 100% agree about small rooms with dark colors, our two tiny bathrooms have dark colors and we plan to paint our master bathroom an eggplant purple! The problem is, the cabinets that we bought – I’m not sure they’ll look good in white because of all the flaws and I think dark gray would cover it better and make it look nicer. Plus, that room gets SO MUCH light…

  3. I love that fabric–I’m working on a post on using it for curtains!

    If that is the fabric you are using, I’d take a fan deck, find a close match in the deck, then go a couple shades up the paint chip.

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