Laundry Room Progress: The Saga of How We Finally Found Our Paint Color

A few weeks months ago, we were picking out paint samples for another room and decided to grab a paint sample of Martha Stewart’s Lagoon (I think – or Sunken Pool) to test it out in the laundry room.

Reminded us too much like Scrubs.. both the TV show and the scrubs that doctors wear.


So we just held off on that room while we focused on the guest bedroom, the Very Green Bathroom, and the nursery. Until we realized that we only had two rooms left to paint – our master bathroom and the laundry room – and we already bought the paint for the bathroom. It was time to get serious.

I researched, whined, played around with Photoshop, and discussed our ideas. Then I got an email from West Elm about their ben paint colors that they’re selling. I decided to go to their website and really liked these two paint colors:

Mt. St Anne

Wales Gray

Great! One of them is gonna be the perfect color! I asked Nick to get the samples at our local Benjamin Moore on his way home from work. When he brought the two tiny sample pots home, I was so excited to try them out… until he showed me the paint chips of the paint colors.

Shades of gray? Well “wales gray” should have been a dead giveaway but….! Remember, we definitely don’t want gray in that room because our cabinets will be gray and we have enough gray rooms in this house. I sighed and painted the samples on wall..

Yep, too gray. They are pretty, yes, but just too gray-ish.

Back to the drawing board. I checked out Pinterest, hoping to find some inspiration photos of light blue laundry rooms and hopefully find the paint colors in the sources. We found two images that we liked (but couldn’t find the paint colors).

via Pinterest (source seems to be lost?)

via Little Green Notebook

We printed these images and jetted off to Home Depot to hopefully find some close matches.

Our top choices were these:

Armed with our paint chips, we were ready to walk out of the paint section until I spotted a huge yellow sign saying “Oops Paint!”

“Hey, Nick – look at that. Maybe we’ll find something!”


And he just walked out. Luckily for the stubborn Taurus streak that has been ingrained in me since birth, I ignored him and checked out the paint selection. Most of the paint cans were pints or quarts, but there was one gallon of paint hanging out. I peered at the top to see what color it was…

Hmm. This could work.

Finally, Nick walked back to me. I showed him what I found. He didn’t say anything, but I knew he was impressed. The sign said that Oops paint costs $7 for a gallon and I thought that was a GREAT deal.

But then Nick picked up the bucket and found the price.

And the paint color suddenly looked perfect and beautiful to us. Plus, it was cheaper than a sample and we had nothing to lose. Yesssss…..

We eagerly tested it out on the wall.

It’s the bottom one… and it looked GREAT! Not even close to gray at all and not too strong. Of course, the photo doesn’t show the color very well – it has more green in it than what it looks here.

You can see the color better in one of the paint chips that we had grabbed – it’s a VERY close match. Iconic Sky, Behr – our color is a little darker, but it’s close.

All for that only to find a gallon of Oops paint for $2.00? I think it was worth it.

Moral of the story: Always check the Oops section. And ignore your husband (or wife) when he says “eww” without looking.


11 Responses

  1. Two Dolla !!?

    Um yea I’m definitely checking that section. Great find. Have fun this weekend. When you are done painting what will you guys do with yourselves? Oh yea guess there’s the whole baby situation 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh–I had no idea there was an “oops” section! Awesome! You two are great at finding deals :)!

  3. I’m in love with the oops color! I’m painting my bedroom THAT color next week- could you find out what color it is exactly, I know it’s not ionic sky, but what was the name of it?? Just “oops”???

  4. I love the Oops section – I look there no matter if I’m shopping for paint or not! That color is beautiful – a nice fresh color for a laundry room!

  5. I have a love affair with the Oops section! Except when we need to paint something and my husband thinks we should limit our options to whatever is available in Oops paint. (Usually maroon.) Then I don’t love it so much.

    That blue looks awesome!

  6. Love the “oops” paint color! Its a good choice for the room– I always check those out too, but have yet to find a color that I like 🙂

  7. Definitely a great choice! Love the color- I wanna paint a room in that color just to soak in that lovely shade of blue!! Unf- no rooms await me, yet. I’m saving that shade in my memory (my blackberry’s memory to be exact). 🙂

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  9. This is in line with my research and the website is Awesome with info.Good work!!

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