Some Free Labor For You… for Labor Day

Hi. Hope you’re having an awesome Labor Day! Just popping in to show you my completed symmetry art.

Love them, especially after my hard work cleaning up all the edges…

Yes, that’s an extreme close-up of the blue dolphin art and I’m cleaning up the edges here. So glad that’s over!

All that hard work and then the art will just hang out in our laundry room? Hmm. I thought I would give them to you, if you want them! They’re attached here and if you want to change their colors, you can just put them in Photoshop and make your changes. Enjoy!

(They’re not perfect, but when something’s free, it’s always perfect.)

orange dove 

blue dolphin

yellow deer

green goose


One Response

  1. Awesome. And so nice of you to share your hard work.

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