Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a white ceiling light!

30,000 years ago, we got this light off Craig’s List for our then-guest-bedroom-now-nursery. We pondered about the colors that we wanted to spray-paint it, but ultimately decided to leave it as is.

Until now. The bronze color was pretty, but it just didn’t work with our vision of a bright, happy nursery for a bright, happy little baby.

We decided to go with white.

All the credit goes to Nick. I love how fresh it looks.

It looks perfect next to the curtains.

And it looks sweet with our white crib.

You might notice that one of the glass coverings is more clear than the others – we’ll try to remedy that by popping them in the dishwasher. Hopefully, they’ll come out intact!

We also wanted to install a dimmer so we don’t startle the baby with bright light every time we come in for nighttime feedings.

Boring switch:

Cute dimmer:

This dimmer is great! We’ll be installing this for several other rooms in our house now. It’s from Lowe’s and we recommend it!

It’s officially 30 days before Baby’s due. We’d better get moving with the other 821 projects we have planned for the nursery… and fast!

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7 Responses

  1. That light is so funky and cool! I liked it in the original color too, but the white does look fresh and happy.

    You’ll be happy you installed the dimmer switch when the baby gets here! We love having ours. My husband usually gets my lil man out of his crib in the mornings, but I did today, and I accidentally flipped on the light in its full brightness right in his eyes this morning. Poor kid. (Also, don’t forget to USE the dimmer switch. Lesson learned.)

  2. As much as I love gold/brass, but white indeed does look better 🙂

  3. I love the white! Super modern and fresh! Enjoy these last few weeks!

  4. brilliant! i love the white fixture! it makes such a difference!

  5. Love your finds and love this light. It’s so much cooler than anything new I’ve seen.

  6. Dang, I just sent the very same fixture to la thrift store yesterday… wish I had seen this first!

    Looks fantastico.

  7. The light fixture looks really cute update and those dimmers are MUST!!

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