Fire is Evil

In all of my excitement in making this house our home, sometimes I forget that people lose their homes.

This is what happened in Central Texas over the past few days. Fires, with the aid of strong winds, spread through a state park and too many homes (1,386 as of today) were destroyed as a result.

It’s devastating. Last Sunday night, the electricity went out for 30 minutes in my neighborhood. I went outside and my neighbors were mulling around outside. I smelled smoke in the air.

It was the fire. I didn’t know. I went back in the home, watched a movie and waited for the electricity to come back on. Meanwhile, other people were evacuating their homes and losing their possessions.

And it happened so near. It could have been us. Some people I know have lost their homes. I can’t believe it.

At times like these, we’re not sure to do. If you want to help, donate to the American Red Cross of Central Texas or the Capital Food Bank of Central Texas.

This reminded me of this great article I read at Young House Love about what we should do to prepare in case there’s a fire. It might be too late for those who lost their homes over the past few days, but you and I need to get started. You never know.

All pictures are from Austin’s The Statesman website. See the whole slideshow here.


One Response

  1. So sad! I’m glad to hear you guys were spared. Scary stuff.

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