Silver or Brass? Opinions Needed!

A quick post – I need your opinion! Here’s a small peek of our painted dresser for the nursery, but I can’t decide…

Should we leave the hardware brass or turn them into silver?? I have Rub ‘n’ Buff in silver all ready to go, patiently waiting for me to make up my mind. Nick has no opinion. What’s yours?

(The color is more teal-ish than what is shown here. Silly camera!)

19 Responses

  1. Brass all the way!

  2. I’m in the minority, but I”m obsessed with brass lately. Brass!

  3. I’m all for gold/brass. Definitely adds the “vintage charm” to almost anything!

  4. Your child’s future hinges on this decision.

  5. Brass, baby! It would go great with the curtains’ tone! And it starts with a B like baby- always a good omen 🙂

  6. Brass goes with the curtains best!

  7. Interesting how the comments are overwhelmingly on the side of brass, but the voting goes to silver… Hmm!! 🙂

  8. Put the dresser in the nursery and decide?

  9. Brass makes the teal pop more. And gives it more character I thinks.

  10. Brass gets my vote! :).

  11. Definitely brass. I think the silver looks more cheap/spraypainted!

  12. Awwww, Elisa, I’m SO excited for you guys!!! 🙂 Babies are just so WONDERFUL. I spent some time reading through your nursery posts – it’s looking so great! Your curtains are really jaw-dropping 🙂 Perfect. Can’t wait to “meet” your little one!

  13. I voted brass, btw 🙂

  14. The aged brass makes the piece look much more special, I think.

    I wonder if you had the baby this weekend? Hope so!

  15. What color is the paint on the dresser for the nursery? It is a gorgeous color!!! Thank you🙋🏼

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