Finding a Place for Mother Goose, Dr. Seuss, and Their Friends

We love books and we know our baby will love to read as much as we do. That’s why we asked our guests at our baby showers to bring a book along with a gift, so we’re off to a great start with piles and piles of books!

I cannnnnot wait to watch Nick read to our baby. (heart melts)

But how to store these books?

After searching Pinterest and blogs for ideas, I had several options:

Option #1: Use rain gutters as bookshelves.

pinterest (original source seems to be lost)

This would be a very economical route and it looks cute to boot! It doesn’t even look like rain gutters. But we would have to cut the shelves and do a lot of DIYing to put them up on the wall, along with spray painting them a nice white.

Option #2: Buy white RIBBA picture ledges from IKEA.

Sarah Jane Studios Blog

I loved this photo (above). The shelves look so clean and pretty. But we would have to shell out $15 per shelf… which isn’t really bad, considering that we wouldn’t need to do any painting or cutting whatsoever.

Option #3: Sew cute fabric into hanging book displays.

penny carnival

I really loved this idea – with a great fabric, this would be a really cute addition to any nursery. But all the supplies and work needed to make these things would add up and I wasn’t sure this would cost any less than the easy RIBBA picture ledge solution.

Option #4: Turn BEKVAM spice racks from IKEA into tiny bookshelves.


Very, very cute! And cheap, too, at only $3.99 each. However, we would have to buy several of them, since they’re so tiny and we have loads of books. And we would also want to paint them white, so that would require us to purchase several cans of white spray paint. And primer…. and the time required to paint them all.

Can you guess what we went with?

Yep – we went the easy route with the RIBBA picture ledges! I’m hugely pregnant and he’s hugely tired of all the DIY projects we’ve been tackling, so it felt good to do something easy for once. Plus, we liked the modern look of the ledges AND they were reasonably priced since we wouldn’t have to buy paint or any other extras.

We taped everything off to determine whether we needed three or four shelves. We thought we could put up four shelves… see all the space available above the tapes:

Never mind the mess, please. I promise it’s clean now.

But when Nick put the shelves up, he didn’t measure too carefully (that’s okay, babe), so there wasn’t enough space at the top for a 4th shelf. We thought maybe we could put one near the floor, like so…

Not too bad… but we can just see the little kid attempting to climb the shelves. So it was a no go. I’m not sure what we’ll do with the fourth shelf. It’s currently hanging out in our game room, waiting for its fate.

Nick did a great job styling the bookshelves. No, I’m not sure what’s exactly in his mouth.

I love how it looks right now! I think it would be really great with four shelves (we still have a couple of books that need to find a place), but this will do for now. We might decide to move everything around later on and add that fourth shelf, but right now we’re calling it done.

However, that empty space to the left of the books isn’t done. We talked about putting up art or something, but we remembered that huge mirror that came with our dresser.

I think I like it!!

Then I saw Julie Bowen (of Modern Family)’s beautiful dining room at Honey & Fitz:

Honey & Fitz

Look at them mirrors – so beautiful, so unique! We already have some yellow paint from our dining room and lots of gray paint in our little paint collection, so I think this will be a great color combination for our huge mirror!

The only problem is figuring out how to hang it securely, since it’ll be right next to our daybed. I don’t think I will tackle this project until after Baby comes (40 weeks + 3 days now), so hopefully Nick’s dad, who is very handy and will be staying with us for three weeks with Baby Vita, can help us out in this area.

Is that cool with you, Dad Vita?

What about you, Baby Vita? If you’re even in there, that is. I’m beginning to think this is just a phantom pregnancy

P.S. Thank you all so, so much for your opinions and votes on the dresser handles! We agree with you all and we’ll stick with brass… and we’ll clean them up a little bit. Later.

9 Responses

  1. We have some front-facing bookshelves in our kiddo’s nursery (you can see pics here: and here:

    But I’d totally recommend adding the 4th shelf lower to the ground! Our little man is a wild climber, and ours haven’t been a problem at all. Plus having the shelves within his reach has been AWESOME. He grabs the books he wants and brings them to us to read.

    The nursery is looking great!

    • I love your bookshelves!!!

      That’s great news about your little guy not climbing on the shelves.. I told Nick about it and we agreed that we’ll install that last shelf after all. Thanks so much for the tip!!

  2. You are both so handy! I just love your ideas….the house just looks beautiful (room by room)….I love the shelf idea…..God Bless you, Nick and baby Vita!

  3. Super cute!! You guys do such awesome things!

  4. Yay. What a great little room. Looking forward to meeting Wee Vita.

  5. Love the mirror next to the shelves— definitely paint it a chic color. It’ll add some pop to the room!

  6. It looks great! It looks like you could actually get two more ledges on the bottom, if the lowest one is right above the floor molding. I did that when I put up Ribba ledges in our old apartment (in this house we are in now I used the Ikea Bekvam racks since there wasn’t enough room for a wall of books like there was in the last place). My kids liked being able to take all the books down, and they never tried to climb the shelves.

    Can’t wait to meet your little one (not as much as you, I’m sure, but still, looking forward to it 🙂

  7. Elisa, love your choice for shelves. Now, have that baby already! Can’t wait to see pics of your little one. Take care of yourself in these last few days!

  8. I’m in love. Yeah, I am with my significant other, but seriously… why haven’t I seen this before?? Brilliant, simply brilliant. Yes, you can tell I’m a fellow avid book lover. 🙂 Can’t wait to meet your lil’ bookworm!

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