Janella’s Birth Day – Part Two

It’s hard writing everything down with a newborn that’s clamoring for my attention (or the food bags on my body) every few hours, so I will have to write this story in parts. Read Part One here, and Part Three will be up soon.

It was finally October 18! I was 11 days overdue and we were SO ready to meet the little one.

I had complained incessantly over the past two weeks about how late the baby was. Now that the big day was here, we ended up arriving at the hospital around 15 minutes late (our appointment was for 6:30 AM). This baby was truly our child.

We entered our labor and delivery room and started making ourselves comfortable.

Then the nurse came in and handed me my hospital gown. It was beautiful… if you like an open back and a weird maroon-splotches-on-light-gray design.

I had brought my own black gown, but the nurse talked me out of wearing it.

Next time, I’ll wear it.

Here I am rocking the hospital gown and all comfy in the bed.

I’m SO glad we brought our own pillows… so much more comfortable and homey than scratchy and lumpy hospital pillows.

Then my doctor came in and asked me if I wanted my water to be broken.We decided to do the Pitocin first and see if the water would break by itself.

By around 8:30, I was finally all hooked up and ready to go. The Pitocin started flowing in.

At first, nothing was really happening. Then my stomach started to tighten at regular intervals – there were no pain, it just felt like all the Braxton Hicks contractions I had been having in the past few weeks whenever I walked or didn’t have enough water to drink.

We waited. We watched episodes of Lost on our laptop via Netflix. I updated my mom on iChat on my laptop, since she couldn’t be there due to a broken neck. Yes, a broken neck… Don’t worry, she’s okay.

Then the contractions started to hurt. This is me experiencing one… it wasn’t really that bad at that point.

Then they REALLY started to hurt. I had to close my eyes during each one and just wait for it to pass. The only good thing about having them was that I knew each contraction wouldn’t last forever, so I just waited for them to go away. But they started to come faster and harder and faster and harder.

The nurse checked me at around 10 AM (I really wish I wrote down the times) and said I was already at 6 CM. 6 CM!? Already? Wasn’t labor supposed to last forever?

The nurse also said that the water would break anytime.

But the contractions weren’t fun anymore. And I knew they would only get worse. I asked the nurse if it was too early for an epidural. She said no – but we would have to wait around 30-45 minutes to get some kind of fluid in me before administering the epidural. I told her to get the fluids started.

By this time, I couldn’t even watch any more shows on the laptop or chat with Nick.

Contraction after contraction after contraction hit me. The nurse checked the baby’s heartbeat and it seemed a little stressed (Pitocin causes stronger and faster contractions), so they gave me an oxygen mask to give the baby some more… oxygen. I looked SEXY.

Finally, the fluid bag was all gone and the Epidural Man came in. He asked me to bend over through contractions and he really struggled to find a good spot to stick in the huge (I assume, I didn’t see it) needle. This part took forever and I thought I was going to die… bend that way, no, turn this way.

Leave me alone, I’m having contractions?!?! Just stick in that needle NOW!

After around 3 hours of prodding my spine (probably 20 minutes in real time), the epidural was finally in. I settled back in bed, still suffering contractions.

Then… all of a sudden, the contractions stopped.

I asked Nick if I was still having contractions. He checked the contraction machine thingy and said, “Yes. Actually, you’re having one right now.” I felt… nothing. NOTHING.

My legs were tingly, but that was all. I could still move them.

It was awesome.

We resumed watching Lost and just chilled. It was like a vacation.

Then at around noon, the nurse checked me again. 9 1/2 CM. Wow.

But my water still hadn’t broken! I must have had the world’s strongest water bag.

So, the doctor broke my water.  She said that there was a small amount of meconium in the water… my worst fear! But she said that the baby was fine and the amount was really small, so there shouldn’t be any complications. Still, I was a little worried and VERY glad I didn’t wait any longer to get induced.

Once the water broke, the nurse said I would start pushing very soon.

We started to guess the time of birth. We would meet our baby very, very soon!!!! Was this really happening? Was this a dream? I never thought it would be THIS easy!

At around 1:30 PM, the nurse checked me again and said, “Yep, let’s start pushing.”

I did three rounds of pushes (with absolutely no pain at all), and then the nurse said, “I’m going to get the doctor now.” I felt something weird, so I asked Nick to look and to tell me what he saw.

He said, “Something looks weird.”

The nurse calmly said, “That’s the baby’s head.” Nick turned to me with a huge smile and repeated, “That’s the baby’s head!! That’s the baby’s head!!”

The doctor came in and put on her gloves with a huge smile on her face. “Are you ready to have this baby?”

Part Three coming up soon!


5 Responses

  1. Yay for epidurals! I have nothing but respect for someone who bore their children naturally, but holy hell would I never ever want to do it!

  2. Woohoo, exciting!! I didn’t get an epidural with mine, so it’s always interesting to hear how birth stories from people who did it differently. It’s amazing that you didn’t feel any pain, but could tell that the baby was on its way out. So cool!

  3. Wow, it sounds like everything went perfectly for you! I hope when I give birth the epidural is that awesome. Too funny about ‘something is weird’! ha

  4. You had such a great attitude about everything! My pictures will probably show me looking terrified, full-on deer in the headlights!

    Congratulations to you guys on sweet Janella’s arrival!! I am so very happy to hear that you all are safe & sound. Keep us updated & I’m looking forward to reading more of your birth story.

    P.S. I’m over due too! If nothing progresses naturally, I’ll be induced on Sunday, 11 days past my due date too. So reassuring to read your birth story.
    P.P.S. OK, I just made this comment all about me, HA!

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