Janella’s Birth Day – Part Three

It’s hard writing everything down with a newborn that’s clamoring for my attention (or the food bags on my body) every few hours, so I had to write this story in parts. Read Part One here and Part Two here.

As Dr. Hooi pulled on her latex glove, a lighting contraption of some kind started to lower from the ceiling. Suddenly, I felt like I was in a spacecraft populated by aliens. It was all very surreal.

The doctor told me to do another round of pushes (three pushes in a round). First push, the head was out. I didn’t really feel that, I was just 100% focusing on the pushing because I didn’t really feel much of anything and wasn’t sure if I was actually doing it right.

Second push. Am I doing it okay?

“One more. One more.”

Third push. I felt something come out of me… like a plop. Then the doctor lifted her hands up and there, in the bright light from the contraption, was the baby. All covered with blood and the cord was… across her neck?

Did I just give birth? Was that red thing my baby?

What about the CORD?

The doctor handed the baby off to a nurse… and I looked around. Whoa. Just seconds before, it was just my nurse, Nick, and Dr. Hooi in the room. Now that the baby was out, there were like 10 nurses in the room, all busy doing SOMETHING. Where did they all come from?

The doctor said that the cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck, but only once and it was normal and she would be fine, but they had to check her immediately and couldn’t give her to me right away as planned.

I was fine with that – all I cared was that she was okay. I told Nick to go and be with her.

Even though the baby was only a feet away from me – in the same room – getting cleaned and checked, I felt like she was so far away. But I was glad her dad was with her, watching her, with a happy look on his face.

“Do you want to see the placenta?” The doctor asked me. I was distracted at first by everything, but then I told her, yes, I would. She pulled up this huge red thing… wow. If you have the chance, do ask to see it. It’s mind-blowing to really realize that it was inside me, along with the baby. Even today, it’s still hard to believe.

She showed me all the parts of the placenta, including the water bag and where the baby lived in for nine (plus 11 days) long months. She even pointed out some white spots, which she said were signs that the placenta had started to age. Again, I was SOOO glad I had went ahead with the induction.

Then they stitched me up. It took a while, but again, I didn’t feel a thing. Thank goodness, because I sure did feel it later and I can’t imagine feeling it then.

I looked over to Nick and he was holding little Janella. Our baby.

I told him to go ahead and stick his tongue out!

A few weeks beforehand, I had read in one of the baby books about a newborn who was only eight hours old. Some researchers decided to do a small experiment with him – they had several nurses seated around in a circle and handed the newborn to the first nurse. The first nurse stuck her tongue out until the baby stuck his tongue out as well. Then the baby was passed on to each nurse… but all the other nurses didn’t do anything except look at the baby. When the baby was finally passed back to the first nurse, the baby stuck out his tongue again! He remembered the first nurse! Isn’t that amazing?

So, I wanted Janella to meet her dad. After all, she lived inside me for nine months. It was time for her to meet some other people.

And it worked! Nick stuck out his tongue, Janella stuck out her tongue, and they bonded. I just know she’s going to be daddy’s little girl.

Then finally… they gave Janella to me. The room suddenly became empty… and there were only us. Nick, me, and brand-new Janella.

This was the best picture of us. It’s not very good, but the other pictures are of me showing my teeth, but not smiling. At least, I wouldn’t call it smiling. It’s kind of scary. I guess it was still a shock and I had forgotten to smile.

That first hour together as a family, in that hospital room, was wonderful. I am so glad we had that hour together.

Then a nurse came in and said she was there to pick up Janella to give her a bath and do all the nursery stuff. I told Nick to go with the baby. He took pictures, even though the nursery didn’t allow any cameras in there. I guess the nurse could see the love in Nick’s face and just turned a blind eye.

Her first shampoo. That doesn’t look like fun.

Sticking out her tongue for daddy!

While Janella was getting the fancy treatment, I was re-learning how to walk after the epidural. No, it wasn’t too bad. I could go into more details here what it was like right after birth, but I’m not sure that too may of you want to hear all about it. If you do, just email me and I’ll share all the details. For now, let’s just say that I was transferred to the recovery room and given lots and lots of pain killers to continue being happy!

Finally, Janella and Nick, my family, my two favorite people in the world came into the room. We had an awesome visitor who brought us delicious burgers and milkshakes and then Nick and I just spent the whole evening marveling over little Janella (and changing her diaper 130 times and breastfeeding her every three hours, that baby loves to sleep more than anything).

I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story that special night.

And that was Janella’s first day.

It’s been three weeks, and she’s just perfect.

Okay, I’m done!! Back to house projects from now on… but I can’t promise that there will be no cute baby pictures thrown in from time to time! Hope you won’t mind…

Oops. Did I just do that already?


8 Responses

  1. I absolutely LOVED all the parts of your birth story!! 🙂 Especially the baby pictures- keep them coming!! XD
    You betcha I’ll email you for all the gory details!

  2. Its a beautiful story. God’s heartfelt gift to you two 🙂 enjoy all the days watching your janella live. Blessings.

  3. Its a beautiful story–and good for you for writing it down soon. I only did it right away with my middle child, and I love rereading it. (I have them for the other two, but I know there’s not as much detail as the middle one.)

    She is a cutie pie 🙂

  4. An amazing story- touchy to hear about YOUR experience, its wonderful how each and every baby is an unique miracle! Thanks for honoring us with Janella’s birth story! HUGS

  5. I’m teary! I’m glad for you both. Janella is blessed having you both as her parents!


  6. Elisa, she is GORGEOUS. You three are a beautiful family! So happy for you!

  7. Hoping we won’t mind? She is precious and it’s so great you shared all this in a post 🙂 I’m so happy for you!!!!

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